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War Thunder now ‘docking’ at Gamescom 2016
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Pilots, Tankers and aspiring Captains of War Thunder!

If you’ve followed our Knights of the Sea announcement, you already know that War Thunder will again be participating in Europe’s biggest gaming exhibition, the gamescom 2016, in Cologne, Germany.

Highlight of this year’s booth will be the exclusive opportunity for visitors to gain a first glimpse at the gameplay of the long-awaited sea battles in War Thunder, featuring the so-called ‘small contingent’ including the famous torpedo boats and vessels of other nations.

In plenty of shows and giveaways, attendees will have the opportunity to win Naval CBT access and valuable prizes ranging from gaming gear, to monitors and graphic cards. So, if you’re around, be sure to visit us at Booth B030 in Hall 6 - it’ll definitely be worth it!​

For those of you who can’t make it to Cologne, there’s no need to feel excluded! Every day from the 17th of August you can follow our live shows on our special page dedicated to gamescom 2016 as well as our TwitchTV channel directly. There, we will show you War Thunder ships, raffle access keys to the Naval CBT and give away other prizes. At the same time, we’ll answer questions and play War Thunder together with our viewers.

Also, don’t forget to participate every day in the special ingame events where you will also be able to win Naval CBT access. All in all, it’s going to be interesting - follow the news!

Join the show - visit warthunder.com/gamescom2016 !
Streaming Wednesday 17th to Sunday 21st from 09:45 GMT

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