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Changes in ground forces mechanics
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We continue to improve the visual display of various damage that is done to the player’s vehicle during battle. Now, when the enemy shells hit your vehicle, for a few seconds you will be able to see the modules that were taken out as it appears on your vehicle. In this mode, any slight damage will be not displayed and therefore you will see only the most important information. As before - you can hold down a special button to turn on the display of all damage modules directly in combat. You will also, on occasion, see the ricochet effect more clearly now within the confines of a “hit” vehicle.


This feature is enabled by the default, and you can turn it off in the game settings if you don’t want to see it.

We are also making changes to the way a player can call air support and how it works for ground vehicles in arcade battles. Since the aircraft that players are allocated in ground forces arcade do not belong to the player, and therefore there is no need to repair them - the players often handle them without care and complete the event with aircraft destruction (useless ramming). We want the players to have the desire to keep these aircraft safe. Therefore, we introduce a temporary lock on the ability to use air support if your aircraft has been destroyed. So, if you get shot down the lock will be relatively small, but if you have destroyed the aircraft (for example, by crashing into the ground), it will be much longer. If you finished the event with your aircraft still functioning, you can use the ability as soon as you get enough points from destroyed enemy vehicles.


In addition, we are also making changes in the mechanic of how certain damage works in arcade battles. The destruction of the barrel will no longer disable shooting, but will significantly increase the spread and reduce the initial velocity of the projectile, as well as its ability to penetrate. Also the complete destruction of the traverse drive will no longer completely stop the rotation of the turret, it will do so for a few seconds only, after which the rotation of the turret can be resumed, but at a reduced speed. When damage is made to the elevation drive  - it will reduce the angle at which it is possible to elevate or depress the gun which will depend on the position of the gun at the moment of module destruction.

We believe that these changes will allow players to continue fighting in critical situations, and it can also improve the arcade battles dynamic. We are considering making these changes in other modes as well, but since such mechanics introduce a number of simplifications to the ingame damage influence - we will look very carefully at how they will work in arcade first.

We are also giving players an opportunity to use the old artillery strike system for arcade battles. Now you will be able to switch between the current one (map based) and the view of your artillery target, which raises the camera over your vehicle for a better choice of artillery strike position. Notice that the height of the camera elevation above the ground is reduced in comparison to the previous implementation of the feature, thus it will provide less of a tactical advantage while using it. In simulator and realistic battle modes you will only be able to use the map based artillery strike system.

We are looking forward to your feedback on the forum!

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