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Developers about the M4A3E2 76(W)
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Vyacheslav BVV_d Bulannikov, game-designer

A Jumbo which was transformed from an infantry support tank into a tank destroyer through a field modification to swap its cannon with a more powerful 76 mm gun. Thick armor in combination with a good cannon – not a bad choice for a rank four vehicle.

Eduard Borisov, lead artist

Using this Jumbo as an example, I'd like to show you how tanks are modeled after they're damaged. I removed the turret, and you can see that the habitable area of the tank is modeled in detail. The internal part of the turret hidden from the player is also faithfully modeled. If you look under the radiator covers, you can see a modeled engine. It goes without saying that the tracks come off, the barrel explodes, all the hatches open, and any attached equipment or box can be torn off by a shot or shock wave.

 usa_m4a3e2_76w_sherman_jumbo_01 usa_m4a3e2_76w_sherman_jumbo_03 usa_m4a3e2_76w_sherman_jumbo_05
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