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Developers about the Grant I
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Vyacheslav BVV_d Bulannikov, game-designer

A significant rework of the American Lee made to order for the British. It had a more streamlined turret, additional protection for the commander's cupola and an increased ammunition complement. The Grant could be called our first British tank – the vehicle actually will be represented in the British line, with a few changes of course.

This tank's armor is perhaps the most detailed – all the distinct parts of its armor are rendered in separate sections, including the separate projection on the right side of the turret. This tank's armor was discussed at length with our modeler “Chaos”

 Eduard Borisov, lead artist The tank was produced in Britain and the British had a list of specific modifications for it based on their experience of the M3 Lee in combat. They significantly modified the turret and placed a canvas cover on the sponson, made to protect it from sand – the tank was intended to fight in Africa. The Grant model's sponson underneath the canvas was faithfully copied. One interesting point – the Americans installed short spare parts boxes on their model, which were trapezoidal in section. The British insisted that their Grants' boxes should be made large and square – nothing worth having would fit in your American boxes, they said. Another detail that was considered in this tank's model – part of the hull opposite the periscope above the sponson was specially cut away for better visibility. Grant_I_01 Grant_I_02 Grant_I_03   Buy Grant I
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