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Developers about M2A4 tank
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Historical record and screenshots of M2A4

Vyacheslav BVV_d Bulannikov, game-designer "This is probably the best candidate for a US reserve tank. When we were deciding which tank would be the first in the American branch, the M2A4 was the one we chose – it's a large enough and significant enough tank in its own way. The М2A4 is a typical representative of early American tanks. Its armour and weaponry is roughly identical to the German and Soviet “reserves”. "
Eduard Borisov, lead artist "M2 tanks were originally intended to support infantry and cavalry attacks – take a look, our M2 even has a “nameplate” showing it belongs to the cavalry. It was for precisely this reason that the M2 was equipped with so many machine guns – up to 9 Brownings! Each machine gun barrel and the cannon barrel had its specific role. We weren't able to make the right observation instruments for it (the little apertures in the turret) within time on the dev server, so they're just decorative for the present. We've already fixed this bug in the next update, the apertures will have “real” models, each with its own armoured slider."
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