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Steel Generals: M13 MGMC
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The M13 MGMC(Multiple Gun Motor Carriage) was built as the result of the US army’s ongoing need for an anti-aircraft vehicle to protect its ground based mechanised units. From January 1943, 1103 of these units were built with 628 of them going on to be converted to the MGMC Quad gunned M16. The M13 consisted of twin .50 cal machine-guns mounted on an electrically operated turret on a modified M3 half-track personnel carrier. Each gun could fire between 400-500 rounds per minute. Standard ammunition feed boxes of 200 rounds capacity were provided up to a total load out of 5000 rounds. Fire control was given by a Navy Mark IX reflex sight. Untitled_000000 Untitled_000001 Untitled_000002 Untitled_000008
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