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Canberra B(I).Mk.6
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Although the Canberra was designed as a high-altitude bomber it handled excellently at the low-altitudes. As the RAF needed a low-level attack aircraft the Canberra's was the right choice. B.6 version was modified for the "interdictor" role and named "B(I).6". In order to accomplish "interdictor" or attacker roles, cannons were necessary and a special cannon pack was designed by Boulton-Paul, 4 20mm Hispano cannons with 525 rounds per gun. The gunsight was fitted in the cockpit and a cannon pack could fit into a bomb bay while leaving front part free for a bomb load. "B(I).6" also had 2 pylons for bombs or SNEB rockets.shot_2014.11.27_19.45.37 shot_2014.11.27_19.49.27 shot_2014.11.27_19.51.04
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