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The Monster of Raseiniai
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Dear Players!

On June the 22nd, 1941, under the codename of Unternehmen Barbarossa, began the largest invasion in the history of human warfare - the German-led attack against the Soviet Union.

Initially able to gain significant strategic advantage through a series of surprise attacks, defeats during the Battle of Moscow and later Stalingrad turned the tides for the Axis forces, which eventually laid down its arms in Berlin in 1945.

Today, in memory of this historic date and in remembrance of the brave men and women that fought in this conflict, we want to take a look at a symbolic event which happened during the Battle of Raseiniai, only a few days after the start of the invasion.

This encounter, beautifully enacted by community videomaker Ares28 in War Thunder, stands as a symbol for those that decide to stand their ground and never surrender - even if the cost is ultimate.

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