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Victory Day in War Thunder - Presentation of New Vehicles
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Dear Pilots and Tankers!

On the 9th of May, the War Thunder Team met the Victory Day together with some of our players in Odintsovo, near Moscow in Russia. Those in attendance could try the latest model of the Oculus Rift, participate in draws for souvenirs and of course, just chat with the developers. The highlight of the event was the presentation of new vehicles. In Odintsovo, our guests heard first hand about the future plans of the development of the game.

Today, we will reveal the inside information to all and will show you two interesting new vehicles to be added with one of the incoming updates!

Douglas B-18 Bolo

The majority of countries did not have the vehicles that met the high requirements of the military command. The US, for instance ,did not have a good medium bomber - and it was civil aviation that solved the problem. Not unlike the Germans that created their He.111 based on a passenger aircraft, the Americans adapted the civil B-18 to military needs. The “Bolo” could carry an impressive bomb load.


Now let us introduce some completely new gameplay - the first but not last rocket tank which was armed with guided missile weaponry! The chassis of the T-62 carrying no guns, just 15 deadly guided missiles. An enemy behind a hill? No problem for an experienced gunner! IT-1 - one of the first rocket tanks armed with ATGMs in War Thunder.

Follow the news in our Devblog, where we will inform you about all the new vehicles of incoming updates!

We would also like to thank our partners - MSI, ZyXEL, SteelSeries and Nvidia -  for their support.

The War Thunder Team

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