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Victory Hour - Capture of Berlin PvE event
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From 07.00 GMT on May 9th to 07.00 GMT on May 10th

Join the 'Victory Hour' PvE event in the 'Events & Tournaments' tab!

Dear Players! To celebrate Victory in Europe Day we would like to invite you to join our cooperative PvE mission made for Ground Forces!

There is just one final step to victory, start your engines, load your ammo and call your friends. It will be a bitter struggle and the enemy will not give up easily! Your goal is the Reichstag! Fight through hordes of German tanks through the streets of Berlin, help your allies to repel the counter attack and neutralize the remaining enemy forces.

Victory will be ours!

In the PvE mission 'Victory Hour' your main task is to destroy all forces defending the Reichstag. Follow the waypoints and advance with full force!

Mission details:

  • “Victory hour” mission can be found in the “Events and tournaments” tab
  • Each player has access to the following tanks:  Т-34-85 (D-5Т), Т-34-85, Su-85M, IS-2 mod. 1944. You can start the mission using any tank except the IS-2 which will become available once you earn some Spawn Points.
  • The number of sessions for the event is limited, which can lead to longer waiting times.
  • Up to 4 players can participate in the mission cooperatively (time to get a coordinated team!)
  • To participate in the event, you should have at least one vehicle of rank IV

For being victorious in this mission, you will be rewarded with the unique ‘Victory Day’ banner:

Keep an eye open for other announcements dedicated to Victory Day!

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