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Pilots and Tankers,

Today we are introducing a much easier way to comment on our news items, from this moment, you will be able to comment on news topics that will be accessible on our front page at War Thunder. The Developers and all other members of the WT team will also be able to comment on your input. The system is in it’s infancy and will be developed as we progress to improve and enhance the experience and incorporate it into all aspects of our front page.

The system will also allow us to access an even greater number of the playing community who perhaps right now, don’t ever get to the forums so expect to see some new faces. 

Please be aware, all comments made, come from a vast spread of cultures and backgrounds and we would ask you to be mindful of that when responding.

As always, there has to be rules and you can peruse them here.

Feel free to leave your feedback below.

Your ever faithful and committed War Thunder team. 

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