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The British tank tree is now available!
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The British armoured vehicles tree is now available for all the players!
Our gratitude goes to the testers!


The British ground forces test is over and we would like to thank you for your help in testing the ground forces of Great Britain. Currently the British tree numbers 39 machines - any player may find one that suits his playstyle the most. The tree features the more mobile medium tanks for pushing attacks, powerful “heavies” with greatly armoured turrets and fearsome armament and tank destroyers that support friendly troops with deadly sniper fire.


The introduction of the British tank tree also released the first armoured cars in War Thunder including the fastest ground vehicle in the game - the nimble T17E2! Also the British introduced the first SPG with its gun facing towards the rear of the vehicle - the Archer and “infantry tanks” such as the slow but extremely tough “Churchill”.
The top tanks of Great Britain - the “Chieftain”, the “Conqueror” and the “Conway”  tank destroyer - are known as dangerous opponents in high-rank battles. Along with you, our dear testers, the War Thunder developers introduced these beautiful machines into the game and solved their “teething problems” 


To celebrate the introduction of the British tank tree we would like to award all our testers with a “Royal Guard” title :

 “Royal Guard”  - Unique title for participating in the British Ground Forces beta testing.

More British vehicles will join the ranks of the Commonwealth's armoured forces in future updates!
See you on the battlefield!


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