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22 March 2016

Tiger II Sla.16

Update 1.57 “Battle March” introduced a new modification of the famous Tiger II.
The same powerful armament but more maneuverability and armour.

Pack includes:

  • Tiger II Sla.16 (Rank 4 vehicle);
  • 1000 Golden Eagles
  • 7 days of Premium Account


The classic late war “Tiger II” heavy tank had great sloped armour and an impressive 88-mm gun. This armoured titan had become one of the symbols of the final period of the second world war. But is there a limit to perfection?

The Tiger II Sla.16 has an even more brutal look than its gasoline counterpart. Its engine is replaced with the more powerful diesel variant that is less likely to catch fire and the turret also has additional armouring - tracks are mounted on the sides.

The Tiger II Sla.16  - a premium heavy tank that will become a jewel in every tank fan collection and the RP and SL boost will make it extremely useful in researching the arsenal of German ground vehicles up to Rank V!


The War Thunder Team

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