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Aviation Legends: A6M2 Zero
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Jirō Horikoshi​​

The A6M2 Zero and Jirō Horikoshi​
From February the 18th (12.00 GMT) until February the 23rd (12.00 GMT)

Available aircraft: Japanese A6M2 Zero designed by Jirō Horikoshi​
Available modes: Arcade, Realistic and Simulator

Results of the tournament on the A6M2

Place: Arcade Battles: Realistic Battles: Simulator Battles:


1 Sta1ker97 _Headshoter KAMiKADZEO_o 30
2 Venatores _Obstacle AaronFreeman 29
3 SANYA_47_RUS Gladiator_N1 LoGo_7 28
4 Willy_Walker Mentor1989 VTK560 27
5 _FFaria_ Ch_Vayron _Yoschi_ 26
6 RC_sirioja Zeus_Rus _Oem 25
7 DahkaDahka_CCCP CITTZEN ipser 24
8 Ayabo CoDzillaPWNZ sirozha 23
9 A_H_A_P_X_u_C_T __LeGoLaS__ Krupnski 22
10 RageDevil _Thranduil Aaron_Freeman 21
11 CrazyTURK lastrix donifan 20
12 One_Way_Charlie Little_PiP *Squier_d 19
13 GrimShock NaTisK Rrrocknrolla 18
14 NightFury_Koala APJIEKIH TARPAN 17
15 _KuRt_ _lumen_ Cigan1 16
16 hakdf ScrappyRug murahiga 15
17 NYGMA MCNick _WAVAK_ 14
18 JustSoEasy Oleg50665 Pastry 13
19 BlackEagle_Tr ArthurPsk NelitaF 12
20 MaXmudE Kryto30 VAT_IRSS_KAT 11
21 _SickRussian_ KREATOR akula941 10
22 predator313HU sag_82 V_Korneev 9
23 Alone_InThe_Sky Mr_Salvatore Rafiz 8
24 Avalonsky StrangerZ Gaiechka_76 7
25 XO66IT Disbeliever egor_sun 6
26 DemoS_3BEPb sansthelavandil MrSam1985 5
27 _PRAID_ cekupa_nepyHa Stalinskiy_SOKOL 4
28 Fobos23 skillet_39 Colonel_Panic 3
29 SzalonyKalbur DaRgO metrafan_UA 2
30 Corvus_P bender165 DedBabaj 1

The winner of the second stage will receive the "2v2 Duellist" title and 300! Scores will be considered in the overall standings in the tournament series "Aviation Legends".

Sydney Camm

The Hurricane Mk I and Syndey Camm
From February the 13th (12.00 GMT) until February the 18th (12.00 GMT)

Available aircraft: British Hurricane Mk I fighter designed by Sydney Camm
Available modes: Arcade, Realistic and Simulator

Results of the tournament on Hurricane Mk.I

Tournament series rules:

  • Each successive stage of the tournament takes place over 5 days (120 hours). All stages will be held consecutively.
  • Each stage is independent and rewards winners in accordance with the rules of the series.
  • Winners of all five stages receive a special prize.
  • Participation in the tournament is available to players who are the owners of an aircraft (purchased and crewed) as listed in the tournament.
  • When entering a tournament battle, the player receives a reference model of the participating aircraft and an experienced crew.


  1. Every 10 victories within a single stage, a reward is provided in the form of a Trophy of Legend with one of the following prizes:
  • 10-75% discount on premium aircraft of the corresponding country;
  • A random Talisman for aircraft of the corresponding country;
  • Between 50,000 and 500,000 Silver Lions;
  • A random 40-200% booster for Research Points or Silver Lions.
  1. Players occupying the top 30 positions in the leaderboard of each stage are rewarded with:
  • The "2v2 Duelist" title;
  • 300 .
  1. All players in the top 50 at the end of all five stages of a single series receive a special prize:
  • The "2v2 Master Duelist" title;
  • 1000 ;
  • The elite ‘Duelist’ decal.

From February 13th to March 9th, participate in the "Aviation Legends" Tournament Series:

Take part in 5 tournaments dedicated to some of the most legendary aircraft in history!

Hundreds of hours spent at the controls of your favourite aircraft have served you well – battles with most opponents are already easy, encountering enemies equal to your strength is a rare treat. You are an experienced pilot who wields your favorite aircraft as if it were part of you, at last today, you will demonstrate the results of your extended training.

Dear pilots of all modes, we are pleased to present to you a new type of tournament: Aviation Legends. Battle 2 vs 2 using identical aircraft from some of the most iconic aviation designers. The Aviation Legends tournament series will take place between February the 13th and March the 4th and will include 5 tournaments featuring some of the most well-known aircraft of the Second World War.

Read more about the historical background by clicking here!

The A6M2 Zero and Jirō Horikoshi

In spite of the fact that there is an entire range of different versions of the A6M Zero fighter, one of the player favourites is the A6M2. The secret of the Reisen’s popularity lies not only in the ease and simplicity of piloting it and the universal machine gun/cannon weaponry, but also in the fact that this aircraft is legendary. The A6M2, designed by the talented Jiro Horikoshi, is a living legend and is, for its time, probably the best modification of Japan’s most widely produced aircraft.

The A6M2 is a single-engined carrier-based monoplane fighter, thats series production began back in 1940, turned out to be a successful and extremely timely development by Japanese designers. The A6M replaced the A5M4, a previous creation by Horikoshi. The A5M was a successful vehicle whose creation brought the young (only thirty-three years old at the time) designer fame and recognition. But his next project – the A6M – was the true pinnacle of Horikoshi’s career. This was the aircraft that ensured his name would go down in the history of global aviation as the author of one of the most successful fighters of World War II.

The A6M surpassed its main foreign rivals with an entire range of characteristics. In its very first aerial battles, the Zero proved itself extremely robustly against the quickly aging P-40 and F2A. The disheartening results of these skirmishes for the American side soon forced US command to review their aerial battle tactics and think about the need to create superior carrier-based fighters.

Historically, as indeed in War Thunder, the Zero overwhelmed the enemy with its maneuverability. In a horizontal dogfight, it had no equal, and the powerful weaponry of this light and ‘flighty’ aircraft allowed it to sometimes destroy an enemy aircraft with a single burst. Horizontal maneuvering is precisely the strategy to stick to when flying the A6M2. At the same time, excessively high speed and hits from enemy weapons should be avoided – this aircraft’s low flutter speed and low durability are its key weaknesses. Paradoxically enough, although the Zero does not get along with high speed, it does fine at high altitudes: it is comfortable at height, so you don’t necessarily need to tie up the enemy in a dogfight near the ground. A height of between two and five thousand meters can be useful for easier maneuvering and always allows you to slowly draw the enemy downwards.

When flying the Zero, many players often come up with their own ways of doing battle with this fighter. Air duels will offer you a new platform for improving your skill. You may find them in the Events tab in the game!

The War Thunder Team

Interested in intense Tournament Battles? Watch their Replays through our website!

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