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How to not lose playing SPAAGs
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Nothing is more lethal to a tank than a bomb. If the enemy has air superiority, that's a guaranteed tough luck - unless you have something on the ground to defend yourself with. Self-propelled Anti Aircraft Guns, or SPAAGs, provide exactly that - a defense against aerial attack. While not as comfortable as having air superiority, SPAAGs can make and their lack can break a match, so knowing your way around them can't hurt.

Don't want to be at a disadvantage against other tanks, you say? Well, then you might be surprised how effective some AA vehicles are against other ground vehicles! Not all of them, of course (we are looking at you, 4M GAZ-AAA). Learn the basics of being an effective AAA commander in our video below.

Share your tactics with fellow anti-aircraftmen and tell us which SPAAG is your favorite in the comments below!

The War Thunder Video Tutorials are a series of video guides created to equip the Community with the means necessary to compete on the fierce battlefields of War Thunder. Featuring the crew of the Igromania gaming magazine, they offer a player-focused insight on the game's mechanics, playstyle guides as well as tips and tricks to those who want to master the game. Be sure to check them out and leave your feedback, comments and ideas for future episodes on our forums!

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