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24 January 2016

Thunder League - Meet The Pros!

Dear Players!

The playoffs for the first season of the Thunder League, War Thunder's professional eSport tournament, have finally begun! Eight teams are fighting for the Champion's title, with their fans rallying behind them to cheer them on towards final victory. There's much at stake! Not only has the prize fund on saturday surpassed the $50.000 milestone guaranteeing all Dog Tag owners access to the rare Premium vehicles - the Panther T-V and the Bf 109E-7/U2, there is also the unique RBT-5 rocket tank waiting for all those who's favourite team finishes in first place.

Let's meet all the eight teams that are still in the competition! By the way - if reading this changes your mind on who to put your trust in to win the finals and get you that rare RBT-5 rocket tank, remember that by owning the Golden Dog Tag you will be able change the team you favor (or make a first choice if you didn't pick a favorite team yet) between 07:00 GMT 27th of January and 07:00 GMT 29th of January.

Click on "Read more" on each team to see the full article! ​

1st Place - Dislike
They are young and like to have fun, but they can also play really well! “Dislike” know how to use the craziest tactics and make a show out of it. They can do this because of the flawless team coordination and imaginative gameplay style. They were always aiming for first place, although they would never admit it.

This closely-knit Dislike team was formed after the Gladiators of the Steel Legion tank tournament in 2014 under the flag of FuFu squad. After that, with no changes in the winning team configuration, they moved to the SQD squadron and paved their way to first place in the Realistic Squadron Battles in only 1.5 weeks. It was at this time that they came up with their team name.

The Captain of the team was Argoniy and from that moment, team Dislike started to play seriously in War Thunder and train a lot. After a couple of well played tournaments, the role of the captain went to Strelovidniy (now Stelok_32). Moving forward, the team has joined the Sky Veterans squadron and played for them in all of the tournaments, signed the contract with the commander of SV and had a clan tag of ARCAD after that.

After some internal events, the team decided to form their own squadron and now they are Dislike Team with their own clan tag. Team Dislike has bold and unpredictable tactics. They rarely use air force. Favourite vehicle setup is ground vehicles, tanks and anti-air. Signature map - Berlin.

Here’s what Denixo​, the captain, has to say about his team:​

 Players, who are devoted to their captain and team, are the foundation of great team play and an easy way to achieve any goals. Our team has been on a “bumpy ride” all over the War Thunder space, but that made us more powerful and united.​

What results are you looking to achieve in the first season?

 7th or 8th place, just enough not to fall down to Semi Pro-Division.​

Which team do you think is your primary rival?

 Team =FACH=. When the Chinese enter the Pro League - any Chinese team.​

Thunder League Organizer's Conclusion:

These guys know how to make a show! In their first match against the winners of the Thunder Cup, team Verve, after losing 0-2, they managed to make a comeback and win 3-2. Their second match against Der Adler was the only moment during the group stage where they showed that little weakness and lost. Whilst playing against GOF they pulled the same stunt as with Verve and their last match against Poltergeist was just one big show, where they decided to take a full team of 7 aircraft into the first round!

Dislike clearly showed that they aim for the top spot in the Pro Division and they are going to be hard to stop - a team that played only in tanks before, now has some really good pilots and that shows. Well deserved first place after the group stage.



Denixo (Captain),

2nd Place - DYNAMIGHT​
An Explosive team from Poland, “DYNAMIGHT” have been a serious contender for the top places in all tournaments that they participated in. They have excellent pilots and confident tankers and are always set to win and ready to experiment with tactics.

The story of DYNAMIGHT starts with the POPE squadron which was formed on the 14th of February 2015 after the Gladiators SuperCup. Players who formed the squadron already played together for two years and won the first place in the Gladiator 4x4 tournament in 2014. In 2015 the team who played in the 7x7 combined battles won second place in the Gladiators Victory is Ours tournament and third place in the D-Day Combined Battles 7x7. Pilots and tankers have taken the first places in some of the automated and player War Thunder tournaments as well.

Dynamight like to fly aircraft, but they feel at home on the ground. Their pilots are well known and strike fear in their opponent’s hearts, while tankers train in “no marker” conditions and have good situational awareness.

This team plays well in any vehicle setup which makes them very dangerous on any map, but they of course prefer their home map - Poland.

Here’s what D3vil0, the captain, has to say about his team:

 Dynamight was created by the Polish veteran pilots of War Thunder. We are a small group of people in comparison to other squadrons - but extremely brave.​

What results are you looking to achieve in the first season?

 We can beat any team in the Pro League, so we are going for the 1st place.​

Which team do you think is your primary rival?​

 Maybe Verve, the winners of the Thunder Cup I. Also THINK and Arcade eSports.​

Thunder League Organizer's Conclusion:

The Poles were ready to take matters into their own hands and that became clear immediately after their first match against THINK, where they confidently defeated the Europeans in a way they have never done before. They performed especially well in their “home” map of Poland. The next day, they went on and won against Verve. Then came a strange moment when they lost their concentration and lost against Poltergeist, but this didn’t have any impact on their will to win. DYNAMIGHT went on and added more victories in their matches, except the one with Dislike, in the end taking the 2nd place in the group stage.
The last match against Arcade eSports was a real jewel of the first season, where the Polish team showed new tactical approaches and excellent teamplay.

Now, only one question remains - can DYNAMIGHT take first place in the Thunder League?



D3vil0 (captain),

3rd Place - Verve
The team that won the Thunder Cup and have already proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. At any given moment, “Verve” are ready to adapt to an opponent’s tactics and strike them down with a devastating blow. Only victory is an option for them and they will go all out to become the champions.

Team Verve was founded on March the 1st 2015. The service record of the the team includes: Gladiators 4x4. Battle of the Eagles. October-November 2014 (2nd place); War Thunder Super Cup Gladiators 4x4 (3rd place); «D-DAY» Combined Battles 7x7 International team tactical tournament. May-June 2015 (2nd place), Thunder Cup I Tournament 7x7, October 2015 (1st place). They are a well organised and friendly team.

The Verve squadron roster consists of experienced players of War Thunder and the team who will play in the Pro League has a long experience of playing in tournaments. Characteristic team play style is the use of a large force of ground vehicles in conjunction with the support of a pair of skilled pilots. They use vehicles from all nations - US, USSR and Germany. A few times they have surprised their opponents by using massive air strikes in a very carefully timed assault. Favourite maps: Poland, Berlin, Normandy.

In the last 7x7 tournaments they were always in the top five. And in the Thunder Cup I they lost only one round in all the matches of the tournament.

Here’s what KolosRodoss, the captain, has to say about his team:​

 This team has already passed a long journey of tournaments and blitz-tournaments and is ready to go for new victories and achievements. We are not just members of a team, we are friends first and we are always there to support each other in any situation..​

What results are you looking to achieve in the first season?

 Only victory, only first place.​

Which team do you think is your primary rival?

 European teams THINK and DYNAMIGHT.​

Thunder League Organizer's Conclusion:

The winners of the Thunder Cup had a pretty unfortunate start in the first season of the Thunder League - they lost to Dislike and DYNAMIGHT. The main problem in the first matches seemed to be that they used tactics that were already well known to such strong opponents. After a comeback, playing and winning against Poltergeist and Akai Victory, Verve finally managed to find their play style again and go for the top places without losing any matches until the end of the group stage.

One of the best matches was their last one, against THINK, where each round ended in true drama. Verve managed to take a major victory and finish on in 3rd place before the play-offs. This team has the will to become a champion and continue to play better as the season goes on.



KolosRodoss (Captain),

4th Place - THINK
Many players from different countries play for “THINK” and they are really the European dream team. They won in all the 7vs7 tournaments, apart from the Thunder Cup, where they placed 2nd. Right now, they aim only for the champions title and we hope to see some new tactical approaches that THINK were always famous for.

Team THINK was founded on March the 20th, 2015 by experienced players from five European squadrons - GARDA, GAD, HTH, SNJ and TFD. All of the players who joined THINK already had a long history of playing in tournaments and the idea was to create a European “all star” squadron.

Right from the start, THINK showed that they had the potential to be the best in the combined battles 7x7 - they are the champions of the Victory is Ours tournament, the D-Day EU tournament and the Thunder League Show tournament. In the latest Thunder Cup I tournament they took 2nd place.

Perhaps the biggest strength of THINK is their dynamic and adaptive style of play, both in the air and on the ground. They use unorthodox tactics, their motto is “think outside the box”. Also, they are a highly experienced team in tournament play.

It is hard to determine the favourite tactic of THINK, but they like to start their matches with four tanks and three fighter aircraft. Their favourite maps are Poland, Normandy and Eastern Europe.

Here’s what Foumuh, the captain, has to say about his team:

 Team morale is high going into the league, after our loss in the thunder cup finals the whole team is eager to get back and show everybody what we can do. People have come to expect a lot of us so it is down to us to keep improving and showing that we are one of the top teams for a reason.​

What results are you looking to achieve in the first season?

 We aim to win the league and play in an entertaining way for the viewers.​

Which team do you think is your primary rival?

 I would say Verve, since they won against us in the Thunder Cup I.​

Thunder League Organizer's Conclusion:

It seems that the days of an uncontested rule of the European team THINK in the tactical battles of 7x7 are already over - their first match, losing to DYNAMIGHT was the an alarming sign. After that they managed to make a series of wins, but nonetheless there was a feeling of some insecurity in their actions and lack of fresh tactical approaches that this team was famous for. The only match that stood out was the beautiful game against GOF, where they set the record of the shortest match in the group stage - THINK won in just 30 minutes!

To be honest, they were unlucky in the match with Dislike, where five of their tanks were lost to the opponent’s artillery strikes. The match against Verve showed that THINK need to change something in their gameplay and apply their catch phrase “think outside the box” in practice.

They settled in at 4th place in the tournament after the group stage and we hope that there will be some bold new gameplay from THINK in the play-offs.

 European Union


Foumuh (Captain),

5th Place - Guard Officers
“Guard Officers” (or GOF for short) are the only Ukrainian team in the Pro Division. They are famous for their top results in Squadron Battles, but also for their great tanking. Recently they recruited some skilled pilots which helped to make their tactics more diverse.

Guard Officers (GOF) squadron was founded in the summer of 2014. In March of 2015, the tournament team was complete. The first tournament for this team was the combined battles 7 vs 7 “Victory is ours” (in Arcade Battles mode). The team managed to get into finals where they had a difficult battle against the famous FuFu squadron. This battle was unique because it was the first time that a tank squadron faced off against an aircraft squadron. GOF won the battle and went on to win the tournament.

Since then, this team has played in the “D-Day” EU tournament, the Thunder League show tournament and Thunder Cup I. In Thunder Cup I they finished in 4th place. GOF squadron holds the record for squadron points - nobody has ever reached 41 thousand points in the Realistic Squadron Battles mode. It took a lot of effort from each player in the squadron to achieve this. GOF still hold first place in the Realistic Squadron Battles.

This team prefers ground vehicles. On the other hand, they have professional pilots too with a lot of experience from playing in the tournaments. All this allows them to use a variety of tactics and vehicles.

Favourite map for GOF? Karelia - Team captain, DarkD0KER, believes that this map is very important for every tanker of War Thunder. It is the oldest tank location, which has changed a lot in some of the latest game updates.

Here’s what DarkD0KER, the captain, has to say about his team:​

 At the moment of founding, GOF squadron was more oriented towards ground vehicles. That is why the team has a lot of tankers and AAA vehicle operators. But that doesn’t stop us from using air force if necessary. Sometimes this has taken our opponents off guard. No matter what the tactic is, I believe that the most important thing is the team’s morale. We are all friends and this squadron was founded as Group of Friends to begin with. Our motto is “One for all and all for one”. That is why we have surprised viewers with our comebacks and unexpected victories.​

What results are you looking to achieve in the first season?

 We are always aiming at the top. All the problems that we may encounter do not scare us. Right now, the whole team is training to achieve the maximum results.​

Which team do you think is your primary rival?

 We believe that our main opponents are Verve and THINK.

Thunder League Organizer's Conclusion:

Guard Officers (GOF) matches are a kind of a mixed bag - a couple of times they would be winning 2-0 against strong opponents, but couldn’t bring these matches to the winning finale. Their favorite map, Eastern Europe, was not able to save them against THINK and DYNAMIGHT, but helped them a lot in the match with Arcade eSports, where GOF surprised them by using a massive air force.

It is not entirely clear how much the fresh pilots have strengthened the team of tankers that were GOF before. Right now it looks like GOF pilots have some training to do in order to be on the same level as the best pilots of other teams in the Pro Division. We will closely follow the matches of Guard Officers in the play-offs.



DarkD0KER (Captain),

6th Place - Arcade eSports
“Arcade eSports” are the first professional team in War Thunder. Their pilots have won many air tournaments before and are rightfully considered amongst the best in the game, while their tankers train hard every day. Arcade is all about pure skill and dynamic gameplay style.

Arcade eSports is the first really professional team in War Thunder. It united under one banner the experienced pilots of the famous Sky Veterans squadron and quality tankers from the playerbase in War Thunder. Pilots of Arcade eSports won the Gladiator 4x4 tournaments a couple of times and are champions of the Gladiator Super Cup 2015, while their tankers have more than two years experience in playing the game.

Two months ago, the team refreshed their roster which took the third place in the Thunder Cup I and showed that they were ready for the League.

Their Arcade eSports play style can be described as pretty unorthodox from the tactics point of view, they can swiftly change their strategy during a battle. Because they train a lot and participate in the tournaments, the team shows excellent communication skills during their matches.

They like to open the match with four tanks and three fighter aircraft. Arcade play well on all maps, but prefer Poland, Berlin and Ash River.

Here’s what AvrorMD, the captain, has to say about his team:

 We are a very young and friendly team of like-minded people, who are ready to fight with the best teams of the Pro division for the top places.

What results are you looking to achieve in the first season?

 We are aiming for the top 3!​

Which team do you think is your primary rival?​

 THINK and Dynamight.​

Thunder League Organizer's Conclusion:

Arcade eSports looked very confident at the start of the season - three victories in a row with a result of 3-0! But the match against Dislike showed that if Arcade’s ground vehicles are left on their own without air support, they begin to struggle. They lost to Dislike and couldn’t win against THINK and Verve. By the time they were playing against GOF, it was already apparent that Arcade have problems in adapting to their opponent’s tactics. Arcade are a team where air force plays the lead role and it seems that they still haven’t found the right strategy on the ground if they don’t have the upper hand in the sky.

Their last match in the group stage against DYNAMIGHT was really tense, but in this tough battle, Arcade didn’t have the strength to win the last round in the Berlin map and lost to the Polish team. After the group stage was over, they had 4 wins and took 6th place - which is not really the result that you would expect from such an experienced team as Arcade eSports.



AvrorMD (Captain),

7th Place - Poltergeist
This mysterious Russian team can surprise their opponents and some other Pro Division teams have learned this the hard way. “Poltergeist” are well trained, can play in any vehicle in War Thunder and adapt to any other team’s tactics in a split second.

Team Poltergeist is part of the large tournament community of the TVG squadron. These guys are a team who have played in the Pro League and has experience participating in the tactical 7v7 tournaments and Gladiators 4v4. Their play style is mostly oriented in ground forces with the support of a pair of experienced pilots and an anti-air vehicle. They prefer German and Soviet vehicles. 

Despite the fact that they are newcomers in the Pro League, this team should not be taken lightly as they can surprise their opponents. Poltergeist is all about precise action using ground vehicles with spot on deployment of their air force. On each map, Poltergeist tend to take certain key points on the ground using excellent team coordination. This team has many strong and experienced players, but also some good strategists.

Here’s what Sticky_Sugar​, the captain, has to say about his team:​

 The team was assembled not too long ago from a group of very experienced players. Despite the fact that team is “young” and had a lack of time to prepare for the tournament, we managed to show that hard work and perfecting your skills gives you good results. Active involvement of the officers, regular players and a serious selection process are the right way to develop our skill which will, in the end, bring us to new victories.​

What results are you looking to achieve in the first season?

 We are happy that we have a chance to participate in such a grand event as the Thunder League and, of course, we want to finish in first place.​

Which team do you think is your primary rival?

 Our main rivals are Dislike, Arcade and THINK.​

Thunder League Organizer's Conclusion:

Definitely the most mysterious team of the first season of the Thunder League. Poltergeist weren’t ready for their first match against CUBE (2-3), but the very next day they impressed everyone by winning against the Polish DYNAMIGHT! It became clear that this team has great potential and, although they took 7th place, Poltergeist showed that they can play better with each match and in the end they won even against such an experienced team as Der Adler.

You can clearly see the progress in tactical solutions and team play of Poltergeist, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they get to the prize places in the Play-off. They are still the “wild card” from the first season of the Pro Division.



Sticky_Sugar​ (Captain),

8th Place - Der Adler
“Der Adler” are a team with a long history of playing in War Thunder tournaments. As their name suggests, they prefer German vehicles, but let this not fool you since they are experienced and can adjust their tactics “on the fly” in order to win.

The Der Adler squadron was founded on the 27th of February 2012, at that time as the Jagdgeschwader 52 in another project and, after winning the first tournament in alpha, they moved completely to War Thunder in June 2012. From that moment, DA have taken part and won many tournaments, like Goha, Gladiators and others.

Der Adler’s main characteristic is that their player base like to play in German vehicles, although they have had to choose other nations due to tactical advantages. They are very tolerant of the bad boys in the community, “trolls” and such, since their whole team made up of the likes of them.

Team Der Adler, as part of one of the biggest and well known communities in War Thunder, has taken part in almost all tournaments in the game’s history. They are always among the best teams in any competition. Their tactics change all the time and the only thing that their opponents know for sure is that at least one of their players will use German vehicles. From this comes the obvious choice of their favourite map - Berlin, of course.

Here’s what Igel, the captain, has to say about his team:

 The fact that our team didn’t enter the top 5 in the Thunder Cup I is actually a very strong motivator to show the best results possible in the first season of the League. Our players have been competing for a long time in tournaments, they are ready to fight to the last and show their experience in eSports of the War Thunder project.

What results are you looking to achieve in the first season?

 Winning 1st place. Or, at least, entering the top three.

Which team do you think is your primary rival?

 Verve, THINK, Arcade eSports, Dislike.

Thunder League Organizer's Conclusion:

Saying that Der Adler have played inconsistently during the group stages would be an understatement - this team has lost 6 out of 9 matches, they couldn’t even overpower CUBE and the newcomers from Poltergeist, yet managed to crush GOF and they were the only team who won against Dislike! It is apparent that these guys have what it takes, but sometimes they have strange tactics, like in the match against Arcade, where they used 3 SPAAs to counter their opponent’s air assault.

Taking 8th place after the first stage of the competition can hardly be considered a good result for a team like this. We hope that Der Adler will have some surprises up their sleeve for the Play-off, where their first match will be against GOF.



Igel (Captain), 

The War Thunder Team

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