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'18th separate tank Brigade, vehicle no.3' Western Front October 1941, USSR. Camouflage created by wtando | download here

The ZiS-30 in War Thunder:

In War Thunder, the ZiS-30 is Soviet rank II tank destroyer with a BR of 2.3. It has a top speed of 39 km/h (24.2 mph), which it can reach in 20 seconds on flat surface. The amount of time needed for a full 360° hull traverse is 10 seconds, giving the vehicle a traverse rate of 36° per second.

Regarding armour protection, the frontal armour is 10mm (0.39‘‘) thick, with the lower glacis being sloped under 49°, the upper glacis having a slope of 26° and the joint between the upper and lower glacis being sloped under 68°. The frontal machine gun mount is protected by a 10mm (0.39‘‘) armour plate. The side armour is 7mm (0.28‘‘) thick with a maximum slope of 18°, while the rear armour is not sloped, having a thickness of 7mm as well. The gun shield is 5mm (0.2‘‘) thick.

As for firepower, the ZiS-30 is armed with the 57mm (2.24‘‘) ZiS-2 anti-tank gun with a reload time of 6.5 seconds when coupled with a fully trained loader, giving the vehicle a rate of fire of 9.2 rounds per minute. Additionally, the vehicle features a front-mounted 7.62 mm (0.3‘‘) DT machine gun. The main gun can use three types of ammunition; BR-271 APHEBC, BR-271K APHE, and OF-271 HE.

The ZiS-30 is the first Soviet tank destroyer on the Soviet tech tree, and aside from the rather unusual looks, it possess three main major advantages – small dimensions, great speed and maneuverability, and a fantastic gun for its tier. With its good top speed and acceleration, it can move very quickly across the map. It is also comparatively a very small vehicle, so it can be a very hard target to hit especially at long range. Its gun has virtually no problems when penetrating anything on the given BR spread (eg. 2.3-3.3) and features a fast rate of fire and flat trajectory, making the vehicle a suitable long range sniper. As the gun is mounted onto the roof, the vehicle has a reasonably tall profile. This is both an advantage and disadvantage – it compromises your cover which allows you to be spotted easier, but at the same time, you can shoot over lower obstacles while exposing only the gun shield.

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Author: Jan "RayPall" Kozák

With an upcoming Update, we will add the following decal to War Thunder:

'Crush the Tigers' text.

Decal by Branislav "InkaL" Mirkov

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