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War Thunder Skin and Screenshot competition September week 4 winners
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War Thunder Screenshot Competition

September week 4 winners

We present to you the winners of our current War Thunder's Screenshot Competition (September week 4). Each of weekly winners got a prize of 300

olife1 and "Urban Warfare" (Artistic screenshot) Haechi and "Fallen Giant" (Artistic screenshot) Rulo6000 and "Mosquito Guarding" (Historical Recreation)


djb_gamez and his "Battle of Britain" (Straight Screenshot)

Londi_575M and his Abandoned (Straight Screenshot)

War Thunder biweekly Skin Competition

September weeks 3-4 winners

We present to you the winners of our current War Thunder Skin Competition - September weeks 3-4 winners. Each of the biweekly winners recive a prize of 750

CmdNomad and T54 mod. 1951 Tiger_74Sqn and B17-G Fortress MkIII 'BU-A' of 214 Squadron RAF Paegas and Spitfire Mk16


N818 and Franco Lucchini's MC.202

__StrafeMike__ and Supermarine Spitfire Mk Ia, 602 "City of Glasgow" RAF Sqn., Westhampnett, August 1940


Well done and keep up the good job guys!

You can find more interesting content from our players on our Live.WT site and in our Media section!

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