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Creating 3D Models for aircraft in War Thunder
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The War Thunder Content Development Kit (CDK) is an official set of tools that allow you to create your own user generated content for use in War Thunder. If you have ever wanted to design your own aircraft 3D models, custom maps, missions and skins, the CDK is an extremely useful tool for putting your own personal work into War Thunder and allowing you to use your creations in game.

3D Aircraft Modeling in the War Thunder CDK

Creating 3D models is one of the most popular functions of the CDK as it allows players to design and create their favorite aircraft and see them fly in the skies of War Thunder. The tools provide the option to not only model the 3D aircraft visual model, but create a complex layered system including a damage model with modules as well as fully working features such as landing gear, flaps and more. Not only this, but the tools allow you to work and develop your own customized cockpits for either your own aircraft creations, or to use on aircraft in game.

As well as creating your own content for your own use, you can also share your work with others or download the creations of other players on the War Thunder Live site. You can try out some of the community's creations for yourself and see first hand the potential of the War Thunder Community Development Kit below.

Ta 154A4 by NovA29R He 129A by Joy_Division__

Interested in learning more? 

The War Thunder Wikipedia has a range of articles spanning the CDK’s features and will help you to produce a variety of content and assist you to getting your creations in War Thunder:

Creating 3D Models for aircraft | Creating 3D Cockpits for aircraft

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