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V Rank Tournaments
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From 11:00 GMT 31st July, to 07:00 GMT 4th August:
Participate in Rank V Jets and Ground Forces Tournaments!

We always wanted to make our tournaments available for a maximum amount of players, that’s why we mostly introduced tournaments for ranks two and three. However lately we have received a lot of requests from players who ask to also include top-rank vehicles. So this weekend we will have more speed and power!

We introduce 2v2 Air tournament for jet aircraft and tank tournament for 5 rank tanks.
Get ready to play big!

In Air tournaments you will have an opportunity to win Silver Lions in each battle and for every 5 won battles you will receive special tournament trophy with a chance to win premium aircraft: German P-47D, American Bf 109F-4 and Soviet medium bomber B-25J-30! Specially for top-rank battles we prepared new duel map - Korea with longer distances and higher spawn points, don’t miss it!

As for Tank tournaments - you will see your favourite maps, game mechanics that was used in previous tournaments, high rank line-up and new tank trophy with premium German Pz.BfW.IV and Soviet SMK as main prizes. Good luck and have a nice weekend!

War Thunder Team

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