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German Invasion of the USSR
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From right now to 07.00 GMT on June 23rd, 2015

Join the 'Eastern Front' in the Events & Tournaments tab:

'Eastern Front: German Troops Invade the USSR' (Air AB)
'Eastern Front: Tank Attack' (Ground RB / SB)

On June the 22nd, 1941, the Wehrmacht proceeded with the so-called 'Operation Barbarossa', the planned invasion of the Soviet Union. While able to conquer large amounts of Soviet territory in the early stages of the war, the tides turned for Nazi Germany with the failed siege of the Soviet capital, Moscow, in October 1941 and more pronouncedly after the famous Battle for Stalingrad in Winter of 1942. After four years of intense conflict, the 'War in the East' ended in 1945 with Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender.

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