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Gladiator Glory!
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Join the Gladiator team, get unique decals and the special “Gladiator Mk.IIS” aircraft!

Also feel free to read our interesting article on the Gladiator Mk.II here!

The Event will start at 10:30 GMT on the 21st of February and end at 10:30 GMT on the 24th of February

To receive the Gladiator Mk.IIS you must complete at least 5 out of the 7 listed tasks:

  • Champion of Capua: Take 1st place in the victorious team
  • Winner: Achieve 5 victories with activity not less than 75%
  • Fighter: Destroy 20/10/5 enemy aircraft in AB/RB/SB while flying any fighter
  • Attacker: Destroy 10/5/2 ground targets (AI) in AB/RB/SB while flying any attacker
  • Bomber: Destroy 20/10/5 ground targets (AI) in AB/RB/SB while flying any bomber
  • Tanker: Destroy 20 enemy ground vehicles (AI tanks don’t count) while driving any ground vehicle
  • AA-gunner: Destroy 15/15/5 enemies while driving any SPAAG in AB/RB/SB

For each task you will receive 23000  , so you can gain more than 160000 also after you finish the 5th task, you will receive a unique “Gladiator Mk.IIS”!

Achieve 7 simple tasks and receive unique decals!

Circled Star

23rd February

To unlock the special decals: "23rd February"

and "Circled Star" you need to

perform 7 simple tasks:

  • Destroy one player controlled tank
  • Shoot down one player controlled aircraft
  • Win one battle
  • Capture one airfield or base
  • Perform a successful landing
  • Play the Event : [Winter Games] Hockey
  • Play the Event : “Battle between the sky and the Earth”


Take a part in special events!

"[Winter Games] Hockey". Event

5 players participate for each team in aircraft of 3rd to 5th ranks. The Ar.234B-2 is positioned in the middle of the map representing a “puck”. When you shoot at it you turn it towards the enemy gates (a ring in the sky). As soon as Arado flies through the ring - the team will receive one point and “the puck” reappears again in the middle of the map. There are unlimited respawns in this arcade event. The Match will allow 5 points to win.

Teams will be playing with “hockey rules” - do not hesitate to shoot at the enemy players!

“Battle between the sky and the Earth” Event

In this event, teams are split between attackers and defenders. The task of the attacking aircraft team is to destroy tanks that are positioned inside the city and then anti-air units as well.

The task of defending anti-aircraft vehicles is to stop it from happening and hold the city position. Tickets for the attacker team will reduce up to the point when all the city tank vehicles have been destroyed. If aviation succeed in their task, the ticket bleed stops and the task will switch to destroying the remaining anti-air vehicles.


Enjoy the War Thunder Weekend with Special Events!

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