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New Locations Announced: The Ardennes and Malta
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We are glad to announce that european theatre of war in War Thunder has expanded to the west and to the south - the Ardennes and Malta locations have been revealed.

The Ardennes are a mountain range on the border of Belgium and Germany. Due to the difficult terrain, a large number of troops cannot be deployed here, and so the region is of great strategic importance. Several airfields are located here as well as the city of Bastogne and many small villages. The Meuse River runs through the area.
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Malta and Gozo are two islands in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, to the south of Sicily. Malta is one of the most strategically important points in the region, as it is capable of virtually cutting off the navy and air routes between Europe and Africa. It is home to a large port and several airfields, including a hydroplane harbor in Kalafrana. Read more

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