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Battle of Midway
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Between 4 and 7 June 1942, six months after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor and one month after the Battle of Coral sea the biggest naval battle of WWII in the Pacific took place.

Battle of Midway became the turning point in the struggle between Japan and the USA. Japanese fleet lost 4 heavy carriers, 248 planes and best pilots. That was Japan's worst naval defeat in 350 years.




Right now the players can start “Battle of Midway” dynamic campaign and run it with their friends – this cooperative (up to 4 players) campaign will tell you the story of the greatest battle in the Pacific. Our players can also purchase 'Pacific' Advanced Pack and get access to two single player campaigns, receive XP-38G and A6M5 Ko planes, 5000 Golden Eagles and premium account for a month.



See you in the sky above Midway Atoll!


from 5th of June 8 am GMT (1 am PDT) to 7th of June 8 am GMT (1 am PDT) War Thunder presents Special Event:

  • 20% Special Discount for all carrier-based aircraft of the USA and Japan
  • x5 experience for the first victory


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