1 April 2019

Update 01.04.2019 (

  • KwK40, PaK39 cannons — the following values of the smoke shell have been changed:
    • mass has been changed from 6.8 to 6.2 kg.
    • speed has been changed from 423 to 540 m/s.
    • Source: H.Dv.119/324: Schußtafel für die 7,5cm KwK40 und 7,5cm StuK40 und die 7,5cm PaK40.
  • Type 89 — The coaxial machine gun model has been changed from M240 to Type 74.
  • 90/53 M41M — A bug where only 3 crew members were taken into account instead of 4 has been fixed.
  • Light Armored Car M8 — The thickness of the engine-transmission section has been changed from 50 to 6mm.
  • Т-80U — The mass of the vehicle has been changed from 42.5 to 46 tons. Source: Сайт Министерства Обороны РФ // Основной боевой танк Т-80  Рощин С.
  • Ka-Mi — The mass of the vehicle has been changed from 10.9 to 9.07 tons. Source: Japanese Armoured Troops, April 1945.
  • Sherman VC Firefly — The mass of the vehicle has been changed from 30.6 to 35.3 tons. The mass of the additional armour has been changed from 950 to 1805 kg. Maximum speed has been changed from 41 to 35 km/h. Source: Sherman I, II, III & V Drawing No: TD.25968, The National Archives WO 194/132  // T.D.25968 Sherman I-V Track Links Drawing.
  • PT-76B, Object 906 — ESS (engine smoke generating system) modification has been added.
  • M50 Ontos — The sight magnification has been refined. Current magnification is 6х. Source: Technical Manual TM 9-500 Data Sheets for Ordnance Type Materiel Headquarters, Department of the Army September 1962.
  • Т-55АМ-1 — The sight magnification has been changed to 8x as previously, in addition to the main sight, the 1K13 sights with this magnification were used for ATGM aiming. Source: Руководство по материальной части и эксплуатации танка Т55 // Танк Т-55АМ — Дополнение к техническому описанию и инструкции по эксплуатации танка Т-55.
  • M60, M60A1 (AOS) — Sight magnification  has been corrected from variable values of 6.7x - 8x to a fixed 8x. Source: TM 9-500, Department of The Army, 1954, Page 84A, 84B.
  • Crusader Mk.III —  a bug with front turret  thickness has been fixed. Previously the armour consisted of two plates of 30 mm each. Now the external plate is 31.7mm and the internal one is 19mm  Source: Crusader Drawing No: TD.5911.
  • M8 Scott —  a bug where the gun elevation  in the front has been limited to -10° instead of   -20° has been fixed.
  • Т95Е1 — The RPM engine bug has been fixed when in RB mode  RPM could not accelerate beyond 1900.
  • TAM — Max RPM values have been decreased from 2600 to 2400. Source: Vehiculos Blindados Del Ejercito Argentino 1 - VC TAM. Vehiculo de Combate Tanque Argentino Mediano, Diego F. Rojas.
  • Jagdpanzer 38(t), Jagdpanzer IV (L/48) — smoke grenade added. Source: Merkblatt 47b/45 - Bedienungs- und Schießanleitung für die le. Panzerjäger IV und 38 t mit der 7,5 cm Pak 39. Vom 24.06.1944.
  • Marder III H, Sd.Kfz.234/4 — smoke grenade added. Source: H.Dv.119/324: Schußtafel für die 7,5cm KwK40 und 7,5cm StuK40 und die 7,5cm PaK40.
  • Leopard 2К —  Stereoscopic rangefinder has been replaced with laser rangefinder.Source: Carl Zeiss Archive Image, Sigantur: SO B 3123, Title: "Entfernungsmessgerät EMES 12 (TEM 4A), 8fach und 16fach kombiniert mit Laser-Entfernungsmessgerät in Anwendung" // Waffensysteme Leopard 1 und Leopard 2 - Vollst. überarb. und erg. Aufl., Walter J. Spielberger.
  • MG protection armour has been changed from the rolled armour to cast armour for the following vehicles:
    • France:
      • M4A3E2
      • M4A4 (SA50)
    • Japan:
      • M4A3 (76) W
    • USA:
      • M4
      • Calliope
      • M4 748 (a) (USA)
      • M4A2 (76) W
      • M4A2
      • M4A3E2 (76) W
      • M4A3E2
      • M4A3 (76) W
    • Soviet:
      • M4A2
  • vz.37  designation changed to MG37(t).
  • T-72A — The stereoscopic rangefinder has been replaced by a laser rangefinder. Source: Т-72А - Техническое описание и инструкция по эксплуатации, Книга первая
  • M22 - “Airstrike” and “Improved optics” modifications have been removed as the vehicle is 1st rank.


  • In air mission [Ruhr] base destruction logics have been updated. The airfields are no longer targets for bombers, and the bases will reappear 2 minutes after they are destroyed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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