19 December 2018

Server Update 19.12.18

  • New game mode [Encounter] for combined naval-aircraft battles has been added. The main goal of this game mode is to destroy docked enemy ships. The only available map for this mode, at the moment, is “Fuego islands” but other suitable locations will be added in the future. The mission is available in custom battles and has also been added to rotation in random AB and RB naval battles for higher ranks.
  • А bug due to which it was impossible to join the Air Simulator Battles on Aircraft of 6th rank has been fixed.


  • In the “Medals” menu, we have added new French orders and medals.
  • New titles for achieving top French medals have been added.

Flight model

  • Javelin F.(A.W.) Mk.9 - The optimal climb rate has been increased at mach 0.85, the take-off weight has been increased (second pilot/radar operator has been added).

Ground vehicles and armament:

  • AB41, L6/40 - standard ammo belt filling has been changed. Previously the belt had 1 AP and 3 HE rounds. Now the HE and AP rounds in the belt are 1 to 1. Modifications for fragmentation-explosive shells have been removed.
  • 75/18 M41, 75/32 M41 -  turret and hull top armour has been fixed.
  • Type 89 -  a bug when it was impossible to launch ATGMs whilst having specific ammo loaded has been fixed.
  • M15/42, AB43 -  a modification that had the same AP round as a standard one has been removed.
  • OTO R3 T20 - vehicle type has been changed from “medium tank” to “SPAA”.
  • B1 Centauro-  a bug when smoke shells could not be replenished in captured zones has been fixed.  

Naval battles:

  • Marker display bug in Naval arcade battles has been fixed. Previously all markers farther than 2500 m distance were displayed semi-transparent - same as for the targets that were not in a direct vision.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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