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Update 01.10.2018 (
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  • A bug where when restarting an engine on aircraft, excessive torque was created has been fixed (source).
  • M8 Scott - Material of the front turret armour has been changed from rolled homogeneous armour to cast homogeneous armour.
  • Leopard 1 - A bug where reloading whilst on a captured point, 12 smoke grenades, instead of 8 were added has been fixed.
  • Leopard A1A1 - A bug where some of the cast turret parts were made from rolled homogeneous armour has been fixed.
  • MBT-70/KPz-70 - Indicators of multiplicity for the sight have been refined.: 8-12х. id now: 7-14х. Source: INITIAL ENGINEERING TESTS OF THE HUMAN ENGINEERING LABORATORY'S FIRE CONTROL RESEARCH SYSTEM // U. S. ARMY HUMAN ENGINEERING LABORATORY Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. (source)
  • 105 mm T182E1 (T54E1) - The armour-piercing shell type has been changed from APCBC to APBC. Source: AD390746 Aberdeen Proving Ground report. // THE EFFECT OF SYSTEM DESIGN CHARACTERISTICS ON FIRST ROUND HITTING PROBABILITY OF TANK FIRED PROJECTILES (U).
  • AEC Mk.II - The angle of gun elevation has been changed from  -12/+20 to -10/+20. Source: T.D.9553, Armoured Car A.E.C. MKII. A.F.V.W. 34., The Tank Museum Plans Packs: A.E.C. ARMOURED CAR Mk.II.
  • 15 cm Pz.W.42 (Previously Panzerwerfer 42) - Short and long designation has been refined. The order of ammunition consumption has been corrected.
  • 7.62 cm Pzgr.39 rot. - Initial speed has been changed from 740 to 710 m/sec. Source:
  • H.Dv. 119/327: Schußtafel für die 7,62cm Panzerjägerkanone 36 (7,62 cm PaK 36). October 1944.
  • Tiger II (P) - The modification “Smoke grenade” has been added.
  • M4 748(a) // Tetrarch Mk.I // Crusader Mk.III - A bug where it was impossible to reload smoke grenades on a captured point has been fixed.
  • A30 Challenger - The traverse speed of the turret has been changed from 14 to 33 degrees per second. Source: BRANCH REPORTS ELECTRICAL, Report V/EL NO. 30. A.30 TRAVERSE GEAR PILOT B. General performance and reliability trials, The National Archives WO 194/170 // P.M. Knight, A30 Challenger Tank A Technical History, Black Prince Publications.
  • FV4005 - Designation of the cannon has been changed from L4 to L4A1. The weight of the explosive mass in the armour-piercing HE shell has been changed from 12.7 to 17 kg. The type of the explosive mass for this shell has been changed from RDX/TNT to RDX/PWX. Source: Firing trials against Conqueror tanks with additional ballistic protection. Part 1. The use of large squash-head rounds. FVRDE, 1956.
  • Pz.Bfw.VI (P) - The order of ammunition consumption has been corrected.
  • T-55AM-1 - RPM for maximum power of 690 horsepower has been changed from 2200 to 2000. Source: Танк Т-55АМ - Дополнение к техническому описанию и инструкции по эксплуатации танка Т-55.
  • 3-inch HE (Churchill Mk.I) - The weight of the shell has been changed from 6.3 to 6.02 kg. The weight of the explosive mass has been changed from 530 to 606 grams. Source: Allied Ammunition Bulletin No.26, Chief Inspector of Armaments, Royal Arsenal Woolwich.
  • Churchill Mk.3 // Churchill Mk.I / Pz.Kpfw.Churchill // AEC Mk.II // Cromwell Mk.I // Crusader Mk.III - Limited vertical stabilization on the gun via a crew shoulder rest has been added.
  • Type 94 - The engine power has been changed from 70 hp. (2000 rpm) to 68 hp. (2800 rpm). Number of gears has been changed from 5 to 4. Source: 陸軍技術本部, 昭和十二年四月 「九四式六輪自動貨車仮制式制定ノ件/  Army Technology Headquarters (April 1937) "Temporary adopt formula of Type 94, 6-wheeled truck" // JACAR Ref.C01004346800 "Army Technology Headquarters research policy change and temporary adopt formula of Type 95 field gun and another".
  • AMX-13 all - A problem with increased pivoting of the suspension has been fixed. (source)
  • AMX-40 - Engine power has been changed from 1100 to 1300 horsepower. Source: Les Chars De Combat En Action, Tome 4, RAIDS n°29.  
  • Centurion Mk.3 // Strv 81 (Rb.52) - The number of shots for the first order ammo-racks has been changed from 11 to 8. Source: de la Riviere, D. (1951). A motion study of the ammunition stowage of Centurion 3.
  • Chieftain Marksman - Number of respawns in Simulator Battles has been changed from 1 to 2.
  • AMX-30 - Armour index for the cheeks of the turret has been changed from 20 to 41.5 mm.
  • Sherman II // A33 Exсelsior - The 89 Smoke shell has been added. Source: Canadian Archives Microfilms, DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEFENCE -ARMY- BRITISH A.F.V. SPECIFICATIONS.
  • M1 Abrams // M1 IP - The Indicators of multiplicity on the sight have been refined. Initial multiplicity 3х has been added to the already available 10х. Source: INTRODUCTION TO THE M1 ABRAMS TANK : ARMAMENT SUBCOURSE NO. OD0468, US ARMY CORRESPONDENCE COURSE PROGRAM.
  • Jagdpanzer IV - The elevation angles have been changed from -5/+15 to -8/+15. The traverse angles have been changed from -20/+20 to -12/+12. Source: Documentation W127 // Panzer Tracts No.9 - Jagdpanzer - Jagdpanzer 38 to Jagdtiger.
  • 57mm Type 92 APHE  - The designation has been changed. Previously Type 90 APHE. Source: A03032062400, Ground Battle Reference #1, Ground weapons Outline, Navy Artillery School Research Department, Japan Center for Asian Historical Records, National Archives of Japan.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.