7 April 2017

Update 07.04.2017 (Server Update)

  • Chi-Ri II - 3.7 cm Type 1 gun penetration value has been increased.
  • Ho-Ni III - fire rate has been increased from 10 to 11 shots per minute (accounting for 2 loaders).
  • Ho-Ro - Ammo fillers have been corrected. 15 cm Type 38 APHE - HE filler has been increased from 2.3 kgs to 2.6 kgs. 5 сm Type 92 HE filler has been increased from 5 kgs to 7.02 kgs. HE type has been changed from RDX/TNT to TNT. Source: 陸戦参考-第1号・陸戦兵器要目表 Ground Battle reference #1, Ground weapons Outline table by Tateyama Navy Artillery school Research department.
  • Chi-Ha -  5.7 cm Type 97 gun: Type 90 round muzzle velocity value has been increased from 300 m/s to 349 m/s. Source: 九七式5糎戦車砲仮制式制定の件 5.7 cm Type 97 Tank Cannon Temporary formula adopted report
  • FV4202 - stabilizer emulation has been fixed. 
  • T20 - stabilizer has been added.
  • T14 - stabilizer has been added. Ammo load for the gun has been corrected from 104 to 72 rounds. Vertical guidance angle has been changed from +25 degrees to +24 degrees. Source: First Report on Assault Tank T14. Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Apr 15, 1944.
  • T29 -  a bug where ammo rack that was located on compartment floor did not explode has been fixed.
  • T29/T34 - neutral steering has been added. Turret front armour has been decreased from 178 to 158.7 mm, Turret side armour has been increased from 127 mm to 158.7 mm Source: Record Of Army Ordnance Research and Development - HEAVY TANKS AND ASSAULT TANKS By Charles A. Wright, July 1945.
  • Caernarvon - material on the inner side of the mantlet has been changed from constructional steel to rolled homogenous armour 
  • ASU-85 - A bug, where some ammunition stored in vehicle didn’t explode has been fixed.
  • Object 906 - Operation of the transmission has been refined. It is now possible to enable neutral steering. Number of forward and reverse gears is now 9. Values of the multiplicity on the gun sight have been changed: basic - 3.5, approximation - 7. Source: “Domestic armoured vehicles 1945-1965. Tank telescopic articulated sights TSh2, Tsh2A, Tsh2B. Service manual”.
  • Brummbar - A bug, where it was possible to pierce the driver optical area with a machine gun has been fixed.
  • T-34-747(r) - Fire rate has been increased to the level of the T-34 1942, from 9 shots per minute to 9.3 shots per minute.  
  • FlakPz I Gepard - The negative angles of the vertical elevation have been increased from -5° to -10°. Source: WorldWide Equipment Guide Vol 2 Airspace and Air Defense Systems,Dec 2011,US Army TRADOC G-2. Janes Land Based Air Defense (v5, 92-93), pg 69, 70, 71, 72.
  • KV-2, ZiS-6 - The value of armour-piercing for the B-420 shell has been changed (increased) from 172 mm to 197 mm. Source: "Domestic armoured vehicles. XX century.” Volume 1. 1905 - 1941, A. Solyankin, M. Pavlov, I. Pavlov, I. Zheltov.
  • StuH 42 G - The value of armour-piercing for 10.5 cm Pzgr shell has been changed (increased) from 76 mm to 85 mm. Fire rate has been changed from 4.2 shots per minute to 6 shots per minute taking into account that the cumulative shells (main anti-tank shells in the nomenclature of shots) were unitary. Source: Documentation W-127. Waffen-Arsenal Band 176. 
  • Sturmpanzer II, Brummbar - The initial speed of the J.Gr.Hl/A shell has been changed (increased) from 240 m/sec to 280 m/sec. Source: Datenblätter für Heeres-Waffen, -Fahrzeuge und -Gerät. Documentation W-127.

Note: This server update applies to all platforms unless specifically highlighted.​

The current provided patchnotes reflect the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates and fixes may be not listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving all the time and certain fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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