Update 02.09.2016 (Server Update)

This is a server update that will be implemented on the game servers within 24 hours. During this time, bug reports regarding specifics mentioned here and their effect in a battle will not be considered as a bug and as such will not be taken into consideration.

  • In this update we will be implementing changes to the mechanics of how specific identification marks (decals) may be used on vehicles. From the update on you will only be able to apply identification marks of the 5 main nations (such as stars, crosses etc.) to the vehicles of these nations respectively. 
  • Ki-100 BR has been increased from 3.0 to 3.7 in all modes
  • IT-1 BR has been increased from 8.0 to 8.3 in all modes
  • Brummbaer’s marker has been changed to an SPG marker (previously tank marker)
  • Fixed a bug where the MGM61b (Shillelagh) missile had an excessive  deflection from the point of aim.


Note: This server update applies to all platforms unless specifically highlighted.

The current provided patchnotes reflect the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates and fixes may be not listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving all the time and certain fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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