Update 21.05.2015 (

Client Update 21.05.2015 (

  • PS4: Bug and crash fixes.
  • PS4: Fixed head tracking settings for the PlayStation® Camera.
  • Bug fixes and minor balance fixes for:
    • Mozdok
    • Krymsk
    • Poland
    • Berlin
    • Normandy
  • Graphical errors on listed aircraft have been fixed: G4M1, Lancaster Mk.I, Lancaster MK.III, Me.262A-1a, Me.262C-1a, Me.262A-1/U4, Tu-2, Tu-2S, Tu-2S-44, Tu-2S-59, Yer-2 M-105, Yer-2 M-105R LU, Yer-2M-105 TAT, Yer-2M-105R TAT, Yer-2 ACh-30B early, Yer-2 ACh-30B late.
  • Graphical errors on listed ground vehicles have been fixed: T-26E, IS-3, М4А2, M18, Т95, М103, Ferdinand.
  • Several client crashes have been fixed.
  • PC: The ability to switch resolution without restarting the game client has been added.
  • CDK: added the ability to check user aircraft in custom user missions.
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