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Server Update 25.07.2023 (RoadMap)
  • Compensation for automatic vehicle repairs and automatic ammo refills after battles have been added for premium account owners. To receive compensation for repairs and ammo, you need to check the “Automatically repair all vehicles after the battle” and “Automatically purchase spent ammunition after the battle” boxes in the research window before the battle. Compensation of your expenses is calculated based on how much you’ve earned during the session excluding penalties for destroying allies (they are not compensated). Compensation of expenses is added to the list of rewards when the battle ends and is displayed in the battle statistics screen and in personal messages that contain battle results.
  • Payments for repairs of vehicles destroyed by your allies have been disabled. In modes where there are no repairs but pair respawns (such as Air SB), if an ally destroys your vehicle, your next respawn in this session in the same vehicle will be free.
  • A rewards table has been added to the personal message window with better displayed battle results. The detailed log is only available in the main game modes: Ground arcade, realistic, simulator battles; Air arcade, realistic, simulator battles; Naval arcade, realistic battles; Helicopter battles.
  • The ability to copy detailed battle results to the clipboard to share them online or analyse them has been added.
  • When buying premium or pack vehicles, players will now receive a specific number of backups that depend on the vehicle rank and is displayed before purchase.
  • Now players will receive mission points for helping repair or extinguish fires for their allies. In Ground battles, for each repair assist a player will receive 40 mission points up to 10 times per session, and 150 points for each fire put out (no limits). In Naval battles a player will receive 10 points per each repair, up to 10 times per session.
  • When a gunner gets knocked out, there is now a delay before the tank commander gains control over the duplicate fire control system. The commander taking over the controls is marked by a circular indicator around a gunner replacement indicator. If a “duplicate” mode is used in the commander’s sights when the gunner is knocked out, the commander takes over the fire control system with no delay.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.