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Update (Xbox, Playstation - Server update)


  • The chance of radar lock transfer on nearby targets has been decreased, which means more stable target tracking.
  • Launch range of R-530, R-27R and R-27T missiles has been slightly increased.
  • Launch range of R-530F and R-530D missiles have been increased.
  • AIM-9L - field of view of the seeker has been increased from 2.5 to 3.6 degree, max lock angle increased from 17 to 40 degrees, tracking rate reduced from 36 to 22 degrees per second (report)
  • Missiles with IR seekers now have separately calculated lock-on distances on afterburner plumes. Afterburner target acquisition range to the front hemi-sphere has been increased for all-aspect missiles. Cooled-cell rear aspect missiles are now able to lock on targets on a collision course.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.