War Thunder background
Update ( - PlayStation, Xbox)

Ground vehicles

  • BMD-4 — the value of the hull side armor has been corrected in the info card.
  • Type 93 — speed of the Type 91 missile has been corected in the info card (report).
  • M48 Super — underestimated targeting speed of the AA machine gun has been fixed (report).
  • SMK — inoperable machine gun of the radio operator has been removed from the x-ray view.
  • Conway — a bug has been fixed due to which tracks were repaired before the track sprocket (report).
  • 100mm BR-412, BR-412B, BR-412D rounds — incorrectly presented overpressure damage has been revoked.
  • 25mm PGU-25/U round — muzzle velocity has been increased from 1065 to 1085 m/sec, the tracer has been removed.
  • 25mm PGU-20/U round — incorrect tracer element has been removed.
  • T-72A, Т-72AV (TURMS-T), Т-72B, Т-72B (1989), Т-72B3 — ammo belt capacity of the 12,7mm machine gun has been corrected from 150 to 60 rounds.
  • Т-80B, Т-80BVM, Т-80U — ammo belt capacity of the 12,7mm machine gun has been corrected from 150 to 100 rounds.
  • Т-80U — total ammo capacity of the 12,7mm gun has been corrected from 300 to 500 rounds.


  • A bug has been fixed due to which bombs were released asymmetricaly in Arcade battles - first from one wing, then from another.
  • A bug has been fixed due to which a canceling of a lock on target of guided bombs did not reset the crosshair.
  • The shifting down of the guided bomb sight while target acquisition is enabled has been fixed for the gamepads.
  • SNEB Type 23 rockets — armor piercing value of the shaped charge has been fixed from 300mm to 400mm.
  • DEFA 553 gun— weight has been corrected from 150 to 81 kg.
  • SB2U (all versions) — incorrect display of objects i through the sight has been fixed (report).
  • Center of the view zone tracking target while TWS is on now automatically resets while the TWS is disabled.
  • Now radar locks on target while the tracking is on even while aircraft are pitched significantly.


  • Leningrad — Guidance angles of the fourth main calibre turret have been corrected to avoid collisions with anti-aircraft guns when firing.
  • HMS Hawkins — Guidance angle of the main calibre turret has been reduced according to installation limitations from 30 to 19 degrees.


  • A bug which caused the amount of SL and GE in the hangar in the player card to not be updated after purchase of an item in the store has been fixed.
  • A bug where after the last machine gun belt was expended, the ammo indicator showed the refill animation has been fixed (report).
  • Links to the market for traded items from the “Summer Cocktail” trophy have been added.
  • Tags can now be used in the item search text box. For example, searching for "Danger Zone" will now display only the corresponding trophy, key and decal, but also all camouflages of the trophy, since they have the "Camouflage trophy: "Danger Zone" tag.


  • Incorrect displaying of waves in naval battles and replays when the camera was placed low or at a certain distance has been fixed.


  • A bug due to which decals haven’t loaded in the vehicle appearance menu after the ground AB game session has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.