War Thunder background
Update ( - Xbox, - PlayStation)

Ground vehicles

  • Display of the muzzle flash of AA machine guns in sniper view have been corrected.
  • TOW, I-TOW, TOW-2, TOW-2A — explosive type has been adjusted (report).
  • Pvkv III — a bug has been fixed that prevented napalm damage to the crew in the open top compartment.
  • Challenger 2 TES, Challenger 2 (2F) — description of the combined armour plate on the lower front hull glacis has been corrected.
  • Merkava Mk.4B, Merkava Mk.4M — a bug has been fixed that prevented damage to the crew from penetrations through the transmission and engine.
  • PGZ-04A, PGZ-09 — a bug has been fixed where tank rounds disappeared from the x ray view until depletion.
  • M16 MGMC — a bug has been fixed that caused the front wheels to clip into the ground in the hangar (report).
  • Warrior — a bug has been fixed where the ATGM disappeared from the launcher in xray mode after a single launch.
  • T-55A — a bug has been fixed that prevented proper ESS smoke display (report).
  • Type 60 SPRG (C), R3 T106 FA — a bug has been fixed where HEAT shells were missed for one of the guns when mixed ammo has been loaded.
  • AMX-30 DCA — new belt reload time has been reduced from 50 sec to 30 sec.
  • Falcon — new belt reload time has been reduced from 50 sec to 4 sec.


  • AIM-54A — remote fuze radius has been increased from 8 to 20 m.
  • AGM-114B, AGM-114K — type of explosive and its weight have been specified(rеport).
  • I-TOW, TOW-2 — explosives type has been changed from Comp.B to LX-14 (report).
  • A bug has been fixed where the ballistic calculator marker might be displayed behind the aircraft (report 1, report 2).
  • A bug has been fixed where a ballistic calculator did not count the “Vertical targeting” parameter.
  • A bug has been fixed where IRST sensors responded to dipoles (“chaff”).
  • BI, Ki-200, Me 163 B, Me 163 B-0 — a bug has been fixed where rocket engine aircraft had oil and engine temperatures set to “0” in the HUD.
  • AH-1F (IAF) — camera position of the gunner’s view has been fixed.
  • F-84F (all nations) — bomb drop order in the 2x MK84 + 2x MK83 setup has been fixed (report).


  • USS Davis ship type has been corrected in the info card in the English localization.
  • MPK Pr.201М, MPK Pr.201К, SKR-1, SKR-7, Yenot, Rosomakha, Karl Marx — a bug has been fixed where RBU-1200, RBU-2500, and RBU-6000 mortars were able to shoot one round more than loaded ammunition.
  • A bug has been fixed where a disabled binocular camera activated while switching from the shell track camera to recon aircraft.


  • A bug has been fixed where multiple jet engine sounds on the airfield in RB mode were interrupted and began again.
  • Engine sound management has been adjusted to minimise the visibility of interruptions and start of engine sounds in an accumulation of vehicles around the player, like it is on the respawn point in the beginning of battles.
  • A bug has been fixed where a player’s hydroplane engine sounded lower with each shot from a player’s ship in Naval battles.
  • Ground vehicle engine and track sounds from 3rd person view with maximum zooming out are now concentrated in the centre of the panorama.


  • Login window has been changed in the console version:
    • Buttons are now located lower down.
    • Visual button style is now more solid.
    • You’re now able to login by pressing a standard ‘confirm’ button: А (Xbox) / Х (PlayStation).
  • Applying filters in the secondary weapons menu now groups weapon setups into categories.
  • Too quick blinking of the fuel indicator while running out of fuel has been corrected.


  • Stutters on specific PC configurations appearing after a few battles have been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.