War Thunder background

Ground vehicles

  • M19, M19 (Japan), M42, M42 (Japan) — Sequential firing of 40mm cannons has been added.
  • 2S6 SAM — Sequential firing for the barrels of the 30mm 2A38 cannons has been added.
  • XM8 — A bug with lowered anti-aircraft machine gun rotation speed when installing "Level 3" module with additional protection has been fixed.
  • XM8 — A bug with lack of fire duplication when installing "Level 3" module with additional protection has been fixed.
  • Т-72АV TURMS-T — Animation of self-digging equipment has been fixed.
  • BTR-ZD — A bug with absence of ESS release effect from the right side of the exhaust duct has been fixed.
  • PGZ04A — A bug with displaying of the guided ground-to-air guided missile in the modification window has been fixed (report)
  • IT-1 — Overstated launcher repair time has been fixed (report)
  • 9P149, 9P157— A bug with blocking of optics rotation at break of launcher drives has been fixed (report)
  • ZBD86 — Underestimated brightness of IR illuminator has been fixed
  • IS-7 — A bug that caused rear machine guns to stop rotating during 3rd person view has been fixed.


  • KAB-500L, Mk.13, BGL-400, BGL-1000 — A bug with absence of the capture of the homing head which appeared in some cases during dropping from level flight and pitching up has been fixed.
  • MiG-27K — The operation of the “Kaira” camera in presets with Kh-29T and KAB-500Kr. Has been fixed.
  • F-4C — A bug where by using 2000 pounds MK84 bomb the bombs on the left side and bombs on the fuselage were placed not on own pylons has been fixed.
  • Saab B18B — A bug where in the X-Ray view the model of the gunner could be duplicated has been fixed.
  • Pe-3 (all series) — A bug where the missile pylons on the left wing could stay has been fixed.
  • F4U-4 — A bug where the rocket pylons on the wings could stay has been fixed.
  • Firebrand — A bug where the missile pylons on the left wing could stay has been fixed.
  • P-38-L-5LO, Saab A21RB — A bug where in the suspended weaponry menu the amount of rounds in the container has been displayed incorrectly has been fixed.
  • F9F-2, F9F-5, F9F-8, F2H-2, F11F-1 The starting point of test flight has been changed from island to aircraft carrier.
  • Il-28 — The position in the bomb bay of the FAB-1500 bomb has been corrected.
  • F3D-1 — Weapon icon for the 2000 pounds AN-M66A2 bomb has been corrected.
  • P-51 K — Custom camouflage pattern has been fixed.


  • Pr.12412, Pr.12412P — A bug where the radar capture zone follows the position of the AK-630 artillery unit has been fixed.
  • RN Trento, RN Zara, RN Pola — Settings of the fuze of the armour-piercing shell of the 203mm/53 Ansaldo cannon have been corrected. The delay has been changed from 0.01 sec. to 0.03 sec.
  • RN Gabbiano — The allowed launch angles of the left torpedo launcher have been corrected
  • A bug where an HE shell might fail to cock on water and continue its path in it without losing speed has been fixed. Now shells with instantaneous contact fuzes always detonate when hitting water.
  • A bug that caused a shell with zero fuze delay not to detonate on impact has been fixed.
  • HMS Marlborough — Excessively lengthy water pumping has been corrected. Compartment flooding mechanics, water entry and pumping rates have been reconfigured.
  • 100-mm/70 СМ-5-1 — Kinetic energy calculation for shell with F-55 bottom fuze has been corrected.

Game mechanics

  • A bug that caused the camera to rotate to the side of the barrel when entering and/or exiting binoculars when the mouse look is turned on has been fixed (report).
  • A bug where the transfering (place changing) has been carried out in the wrong order when one crew member died has been fixed.
  • A bug where when trying to turn on the commander’s sight on a vehicle that is underwater a hint about turning on the “doubled commander controlling” mode appeared has been fixed.
  • The lack of the reward for victory in the “EC” in SB mode if the player was in the battle for less than 15 minuts has been fixed.
  • Crash when trying to take off in an A-7E after failed takeoff in an F-4C Phantom II has been fixed.
  • Appearance of vehicles in each other when quickly switching nations in the ground vehicle hangar has been fixed (report).
  • A bug with inability to respawn after losing a vehicle has been fixed.
  • The incorrect displaying of the vehicle models in the replays with rewind function has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused the texture of a broken barrel to appear in the cannon’s sight has been fixed.


  • Appearance of the artefacts on thermal imager at high level of graphic and effects has been fixed (report).
  • Artefacts from various smoke effects on Mac with an Nvidia GPU have been fixed.
  • Artefacts in the form of tracks and other vehicle elements appearing in ground and sea battles have been fixed.

Achievements and appearance

  • The conditions for obtaining the “Royal Navy” decal have been clarified. The list of vehicles has been replaced with the requirement “British carrier-based aircraft”.
  • Missing localization of the titles “Cavalier of the Order of Liberation” and “Chevalier of the Order of Merit of France” has been fixed.


  • The volume of the re-gassing sound of enemy/allied tanks of the Challenger series has been decreased.
  • Playback logic of enemy/allied aircraft engine and cannon sounds has been adjusted to avoid situations where no sound has been played.
  • Engine sound of the player's tank T-80 series has been narrowed by panorama and corrected by frequencies. Previously there were situations where the sound of the T-80's own engine made you think there was an enemy tank nearby.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.