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Update ( - Xbox)

Ground vehicles

  • Strv m/40L, Strv m/39 — coaxial machine guns Ksp m/36 have been changed to Ksp m/39.
  • Type-10  — hull tilt angles have been corrected while the suspension control is enabled (report).
  • Type-10  — pivot speed has been increased (report).
  • VEAK 40 — vehicles in test drive have been changed to modern ones.
  • PT-16/T14 — targeting limits of the AA machine gun have been corrected to avoid shooting through the elements of the turret top.
  • Bkan 1C — 3rd person view camera position has been fixed (report).
  • T-34-57, T-34-57 (1943), T-34 (1 Gv.T.Br.), Т-34 (1943), Type 62, Type 62 (USSR), T26E5, Strv m/41 S-I, Centurion Mk.5/1 (RAAC), T-10A, Т-10M, BT-5, RBT-5, 9P149, 9P157, Sturer Emil, VK 45.01 (P), FIAT 6614, Tortoise, A.C.IV, M15 CGMC, M3 GMC — Armour values in the info card have been corrected. 
  • Type 87 RCV — gear select ratios have been specified.
  • Type 87 — gunner sight magnification has been specified (report).
  • Grant I, Grant I (USA) — the thickness of the armour plate below the 75mm gun has been fixed from 12.7 mm to 22,2 mm.
  • AS 42 — gun recoil has been removed.
  • Targeting marker tilt, occurring after zooming in  while in 3rd person view in SB, has been fixed.
  • VT1-2, Strv 103-0, Strv 103A, Strv 103С — vehicle movement has been fixed, while looking around with a mouse with hull control enabled.


  • Etendard IVM - calculator for the constantly computed impact point (CCIP) for bombs has been added (report)
  • Sa`ar - a bug has been fixed where in some cases wing components might remain on the wing tips when the wings are torn off.
  • Firebrand TF.Mk.IV - separate rocket launch has been added for the setup of “2х 250lbs G.P. Mk.IV bomb + RP-3 rockets”
  • ITP (М-1) - separate rocket launch has been added for the RS-82 and RBS-82 rockets
  • Kfir C.7 - launch order has been corrected for the Zuni Mk32 Mod 0 ATAP rockets.


  • USS Candid - display for the first stage ammo count has been corrected for the 76mm gun.
  • Explosives type of the British AP and semi-AP round has been changed for the following guns:
    • 343mm/45 Mk 5(H) - from Lyddite to Shellite 
    • 152mm/45 BL Mk XII - from Lyddite to TNT
    • 152mm/50 BL Mk XXIII - from Lyddite to TNT
    • 152mm/50 QF Mk N5 - from Lyddite to TNT
    • 190mm/45 BL Mk VI - from Lyddite to TNT
  • TNT equivalent of the Shellite has been corrected to 0.94.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.