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Update ( — Xbox, Playstation)

Ground vehicles

  • A bug has been fixed that caused the rendering of exhaust gases on towed or rammed vehicles.
  • A bug has been fixed where smoke from smoke grenades was displayed as low temperature in the thermal imagers in night scenarios .
  • A bug has been fixed that resulted in shot loss when another enemy vehicle was located near the target and the shot vector was directed to the ground’s surface.
  • FlaRakRad, SARC MkVI (6pdr) — a bug has been fixed that caused the model to disappear when observed from the commander’s sight at certain angles.
  • Eland 90 Mk.7, AML-90, Ratel-20, Ratel-90, ZT3A2 — smoke grenades now launched in two salvos.
  • ZTZ59D1 — smoke grenades have been changed to modern spray grenades activated in mid-air.
  • Char 25t — turret traverse speed has been specified - 24°/sec → 36°/second (report).
  • Char 25t — sight magnification has been specified - х6 → х7.9 (report).
  • M18 GMC — sight magnification has been changed from x3 to the standard (х1.9 — 3.5) (report).
  • Leopard 2K — max speed has been specified from 70 to 72 kph.
  • M4A3 (76) W (JSDF) — underestimated turn time of the AA machine gun has been fixed. Speed has been changed in accordance with other open flak cannons 30°/second → 90°/second (report).
  • Vickers Mk.3 — overestimated thickness of the bulkhead between engine and combat compartments has been fixed - 500mm → 10mm.
  • TCM AGS — a bug has been fixed that resulted in different targeting angles of the gun and the coaxial machine gun.
  • Ikv 91, Ikv 91-105 — sight magnification has been specified - х8-16 → x10 (report).
  • Ikv 91, Ikv 91-105 — turret traverse speed has been specified - 20°/second → 25°/second(report).
  • STB-1 — targeting angles on the AA machine gun have been specified in order to avoid intersections with the turret.
  • 155-mm sgr m/60 round — tracer has been removed.


  • ITP (М-1) — a bug has been fixed that caused a fuselage break when the tail was detached.
  • MiG-21MF, MiG-21bis-SAU, MiG-21SMT, MiG-21bis — visuals of pylons for R-60 and R-3S missiles have been fixed (report).
  • Bf 109 (all versions) — separate drop has been added for 50kg bombs (report).
  • F.C.20 Bis — the name of the 37mm Breda Model 39 gun has been fixed.
  • 800kg armour piercing bomb Type 99 number 80 — explosives type has been changed to Type 91 (report).


  • Targeting speed parameters of the Italian 100-mm/47 utility guns have been corrected.
  • IJN Mutsuki, IJN Satsuki, Scharnhorst — errors in the info cards concerning the armour thickness of the main calibre turrets have been fixed.

Other changes

  • Standard hangar has been enabled.
  • A bug has been fixed with missing aircraft contacts when the game resolution was set lower than the resolution of the monitor.
  • Battle task “Aerial Superiority ” now features the “Rogue wave” award (report).
  • Marker position under the airfield in the “Domination:Vietnam” mission has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.