War Thunder background

Ground vehicles

  • A bug that allowed the thermal imager to operate from 3rd person view has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed where the operation of a third-person view thermal imager in client and server replays didn’t correspond to enabling/disabling in any current battle.
  • TOW-2B missile and RB 56 BILL II round —  the incorrect damage effect on armour penetration or explosion over the vehicle’s turret in the hit camera have been fixed.
  • Strv 103-0, Strv 103A, Strv 103C  — the erroneous interruption of the reloading by the auto loader during fire has been fixed.
  • BMP-3 — a display of the gunner’s optics in xray mode without the “Sodema” modification has been corrected.
  • Ystervark — a bug has been fixed with reduced speed of manual aiming drives when the batteries are discharged. 
  • Vickers Mk.7 — a bug with overestimated durability of the upper front armour plate has been fixed. Armour durability has been set in accordance with the data of the MBT combined protection spreadsheet.
  • Strv 103A, Chieftain Mk.5, M60A1 Ariete — a bug has been fixed where it was possible to enable the NVD in the AA machine-gun sight.


  • GSh-23L gun - a bug has been fixed with a tracer round in the stealth ammo belt.
  • G.91 R/3 - a bug has been fixed where after mounting the 4х AS-20 Nord preset, 30mm DEFA 552 guns were displayed in the xray mode.
  • He 219 A-7 - armouring of the radiators and engine has been corrected. armouring of the radiators increased from 8 to 15 mm, armouring of the engine increased from 8 to 10 mm.
  • DEFA, ADEN, AKAN guns - explosive weight and type for the HE round has been changed from 27g of RDX to 56g of Torpex (report).
  • V-12D - gunner crosshair position has been corrected.
  • UH-1B - display of ammo has been corrected for the 7.62m М134 Minigun.
  • A bug which deactivated the radar warning system on the player’s aircraft when changing the countermeasures type has been fixed.


  • Freccia P-493, Saetta P-494 - the ability of locking on surface targets has been disabled.

Changes in the calculation of the statistic points

  • Ground vehicles in all ground gaming modes:
    • The number of points for hitting the enemy has been increased: 10 → 15;
    • The number of points for taking damage has been increased: 5 → 7.
  • Ships and boats in all naval gaming modes:
    • The number of statistic points for every damage point inflicted on enemies has been increased: 0.18 → 0.2.


  • Airfield AA guns have been standardized for ground missions. Now, each airfield has 4 large-calibre and 6 mid-calibre AA guns.
  • Settings for AA guns on helipads have been corrected, now they have an equalized rate of fire, instead of short bursts, which were able to deal heavy damage in a short period of time. Warning fire has been added for distances twice as distant as effective firing range. Target refresh rate has been increased to reduce fire time on a target that has left the firing area.
  • A bug has been fixed where there was FPS drop on PS5 consoles when the grass display option was turned on.
  • Game crash while watching a replay has been fixed.
  • Collision with concrete obstacles has been corrected in certain ground locations.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.