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Server update 27.08.20 (economy)


  • BR changes have been implemented (view in a new tab).
  • Research, purchase, crew training costs and other related parameters for vehicles have been changed. View the tablesheet with the main parameters in a new tab. All economy indicators for vehicles will be changed according to rank.
  • Repair costs and award multipliers have been changed (view a new tab).
  • Ammunition costs have been changed (view a new tab).
  • The cost of torpedoes used by ships has been reduced by 50%. The cost for weaponry presets have been recalculated and may not have been exactly halved due to rounding. 
  • A bug causing overpriced torpedoes for the Type T-1 has been fixed.

Aviation tech tree changes:

  • USA:
    • P-26A-34 M2, P-26A-33, P-26B-35, P-400, P-39N-0, P-39Q-5, P-38E, P-38G-1, P-63A-5, P-63A-10, P-63C-5, P-38J-15, P-38L-5-LO, F-80A-5, F-80C-10 — Have been moved to the left research line and placed before the F-104A.
    • P-26A-34 M2, P-26A-33, P-26B-35 — Removed from the group.
    • P-400 — Removed from the group.
    • P-63A-5 — Removed from the group.
    • P-38J-15, P-38L-5-LO — Removed from the group.
    • F-80A-5, F-80C-10 — Removed from the group.
    • P-36A, P-36C — Removed from the group.
    • P-40E-1, P-40F-10 — Removed from the group.
    • F-82E — Removed from the group.
    • PBJ-1H and PBJ-1J — Have been grouped and their positions switched.
    • P-61C-1 — Have been moved and are now placed after the PBJ group.
  • Germany:
    • Me 163B and Me 163B-0 — Have been moved and are now placed after the Me 262 C group. 

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.