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Server update 13.08.2020

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • The following changes affect vehicles of ranks VI-VII: 
    • HEAT-FS shell has been designated default for vehicles that previously had the APFS-DS shell as default (Except British ground vehicles - they still do not use HEAT shells)
    • The distribution of shell modifications has been changed as follows: if there is only one type of armour-piercing finned shell in the case of default HEAT shell, it will be located at the 3rd (III) level of researchable modifications. If the default HEAT shell has two types of the armour-piercing finned shells, the first one will be placed at the first (I) level and the second one at the 4th (IV) level of researchable modifications. Vehicle list: 
      • Leopard 2A5
      • Ariete
      • Ariete (P)
      • Ariete PSO
      • Centauro MGS
      • Leclerc 
      • Type 90
      • Type 90B
      • ZTZ96
      • ZTZ96A
      • T-64B
      • T-64A
      • T-72A
      • T-80B
      • T-72B
      • T-80U
      • CM11
      • Centauro ROMOR
      • M1
      • IPM1
      • M60A3 TTS
      • ZTZ59D1
      • T-69 II G
      • Type 16
      • Type 74
      • Type 74G
      • T-62M-1
      • C2A1
      • Super M48
      • Radpanzer 90
      • CV90105 TML
      • CV90120
  • IPM1 - M833 shell has been added to ammunition loadout.
  • Leclerc - OFL G1 120 shell has been added to the ammunition loadout.
  • In order to prevent climbing in tracked ground vehicles on hills with very steep slopes, the physics of the track to surface traction have been reworked. Now it will be more difficult to climb slopes at a very steep angles in RB and SB game modes.

Aircraft characteristics, damage model, and weapon improvements:

  • A-4B — A bug where the central AGM-12 Bullpup missile could be fired through the central landing gear rack has been fixed.
  • Mi-24V, Mi-24P — A bug with the necessary condition of opening the 9М114 Shturm х4 preset modification, S24 х4 has been fixed. Now you need to research the RP-2-149TK and S-24 modifications.
  • A32A — Radar functionality has been added.
  • La-5, La-7 (all modifications) — A bug where it wasn’t possible to create user made camouflage for the aircraft has been fixed.
  • Hurricane Mk.II (USSR) — The amount of ammunition on the UBK machine guns has been increased to 120 shots per machine gun.
  • F86K (all modifications) — A bug where the researched modifications of the new cannons affected the failure time negatively has been fixed.
  • Il-2-37 — The amount of ammunition on the 37 mm NS-37 cannons has been increased to 56 shots per cannon.
  • D-501 —  A mismatch between MAC 34 machine guns and their names has been corrected.
  • CW-21 — The content of the ammunition belts for offensive weaponry has been changed to an earlier version.
  • P-66 — The content of the ammunition belts for offensive weaponry has been changed to an earlier version
  • Il-2 M-82 — The incorrect designation of the 12.7 mm turret machine gun in the modification window has been fixed. Previously, it was listed as an offensive machine gun.
  • MG151 20mm — A bug where the modifications of the research of the new cannons would not positively affect the failure time of the cannons has been fixed.
  • Incorrect displaying of the tracer for the OFЗ shell has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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