War Thunder background
Update 03.06.2020 (
  • A bug has been fixed where the sound of naval autocannon burst might continue when the burst is complete. 
  • Sound events for all explosions have been reworked.
  • Volume of T-34 tracks has been increased.
  • A bug has been fixed with the helicopter HUD stopping updating data after opening of the multifunction menu. 
  • The flame effect on destroyed and exploding ground vehicles in replays has been restored. 
  • Double tap on a Dualshock 4 touchpad can again now be bound to in-game actions in the Control settings on PlayStation 4.
  • GUI interaction with single tap on the Dualshock 4 touchpad on PlayStation 4 has been restored.
  • A rare bug with excessive long loading for the game on the XBOX has been fixed.
  • A rare bug has been fixed causing shutdown after switching camera to the arbiter mode.

The War Thunder Team