War Thunder background
Update 28.05.2020 (
  • Visual effects for the dropping of empty shells in water have been added. 
  • The balance of the sound mix has been corrected towards lower frequencies.
  • The purchase cost of Italian torpedoes has been reduced.
  • MiG-21 (all modifications) - a bug where the tachometer would show incorrect engine data in the cockpit has been fixed.
  • F-104A (China) - incorrect flight characteristics on the info card have been corrected. The description of the engine in x-ray mode has been corrected.
  • The bug that caused reduced sensitivity in the Dualshock 4 touchpad when the “Use touchpad for aiming” option was enabled has been fixed.
  • A bug causing increased sensitivity of controller/gamepad sticks in Mouse Aim mode has been corrected.
  • Navigation in the Multifunction Menu now correctly blocks vehicle controls with controller/gamepad sticks.
  • A bug causing an excessive amount of SPAAGs in the Tank Arcade Assault mode has been fixed.
  • Vampire FB-5, Vampire FB-52A, F-84G-21-RE, F-84G-26-RE France - Placement of the elements in the suspended weaponry modification menu has been fixed.

The War Thunder Team