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Update 17.09.2019 (


  • The volume and position of the cannons for player ground vehicles, from the gunner and 3rd person views, have been adjusted.
  • The sounds for allied and opponent guns have been more clearly positioned.
  • The volume of transmission related sounds has been halved.
  • The sound of switching in and out of the binocular view has been replaced by a quieter, less pronounced sound.
  • The volume and positioning of engine-related sounds for allied and opponent ground vehicles have been changed so that they are more clear and audible.
  • The source of background sounds in the hangar will no longer abruptly change as a result of the camera being rotated very fast.
  • The (sound) frequency of enemy and allied shots/explosions has been made slightly more pronounced.
  • The possibility of a particular bug occurring while using ground and naval vehicles, where the sounds of allied and enemy weapon-fire would not play at all, has been reduced.
  • The volume of allied and enemy aircraft engines have been reduced for players using ground vehicles.
  • The sounds of gas-turbine tank engines have been redesigned: An unusual and unwanted sound layer for the gas-turbine tank engines has been deleted and sound layers for the transmission, and for air flow, have been added.
  • A sound layer for the engine of the T-64 has been added which is typical of when the engine is working under load.


  • A notification before joining a battle which states that torpedoes have not been purchased for one or more ships in the active setup has been added.
  • Battle (D14) - Ammo load for 114mm gun on the stern has been fixed. Irrelevant modification for the AA targeting system has been removed, ingame currency has been refunded for owners. 40mm Bofors guns reclassified into the utility guns.
  • Deployable overloads for the “Mistral”, “9M39 Igla” and “AIM-92 Stinger” missles have been reduced to real values.
  • AIM-9E modification which allows the use of the corresponding guided air-to-air missiles has been added for the F-4C

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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