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"Summertime madness!" Up to 30% discounts and x2 RP gain bonus for many battles!
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New discounts and bonuses are waiting for you this weekend. “Hunting Frenzy” goes on in War Thunder - you will have an opportunity to earn Silver Lions and premium aircraft!

“Summertime Madness” spreads! Now everyone is affected! Up to 30% discount for all vehicles! And x2 RP gain bonus in many battles over the weekend!

From 15:00 GMT August 8th  

to 00:01 GMT August 11th

From 02:00 to 06:00 GMT and from

16:00 GMT to 19:59 on August 9th and 10th

All rank 2 vehicles - discount up to 30%

All rank 3 vehicles - discount up to 20%

All rank 4 vehicles - 10% discount

All rank 5 vehicles - 5% discount

   All premium vehicles  - 10% discount    



x2 RP gain bonus in every battle!

Participate in “Summertime Madness”!
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