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«Summertime Madness!» Hunting Frenzy
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From 17:30 GMT, August 4th to 09:00 GMT, August 11th

Complete the missions to have a chance to
gain premium aircraft and earn up to 2 250 000 !

Friends, we are proposing you to take part in Summertime Madness! marathon to gain premium planes of any nation. Complete “Sky High Fliers” achievement to gain A6M2 (USA), Wellington Mk.I (Germany), I-16 type 28 (USSR), Boomerang Mk.I (Britain) and Bf.109 E-3 (Japan).

Fly with planes of different ranks and nations to complete “Hunting Frenzy” achievements and gain up to 2.250.000 !

After the event is over we will be giving out 5 000 premium aircraft to the players who completed the “Hunting Frenzy” achievements!

Missions to accomplish:

Task conditions:

  • Only battles with an activity of 50% or more are taken into account;
  • Completion of the first three tasks of the “Hunting Frenzy” significantly increases your chances to win the premium aircraft;
  • In Arcade Battles, try to use only aircraft of the rank you want to do the task for, so that the victory is properly accounted;
  • In the event of the situation when the aircraft has already been unlocked on the account and the player has completed the Sky High Fliers achievement, the player will be rewarded in Golden Eagles equal to the cost of that plane;

“Summertime Madness” in War Thunder!

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