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Gladiators.WT 8x8 - REMEMBRANCE: Superfinal
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Attention! Today, the 4th of June, from 17:00 GMT you will have the opportunity to watch the Battle of the strongest squadrons in a live Super Final.

Our Virtual "Time Machine", the military MMO game "War Thunder" is ready to move us into the fiery sky over the battle of Kursk in 1943!

Who will eventually become the champion of the squadron tactical battles of the tournament  "Gladiators.WT 8x8 - REMEMBRANCE"? This question will be answered by the teams when they clash in the finals and their individual skills in combat is demonstrated.

Information about the championship

The prize fund

Matches and broadcasts today



Realistic Battle 17:00 [ACES] vs [SV]


Similator Battle 18:15 =IBFFI= vs -NM-


Good luck to the best team!

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