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Farman F.222.2: Big! Heavy! Yours!
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War Thunder rolls out new, seventh nation with French aircraft to be released with the next Update 1.73.

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The Farman F.222 is an early 1930s French high-winged heavy bomber, powered by four engines set up in an unconventional push-pull configuration. This very unique aircraft will be the first of its kind to be introduced into War Thunder with the upcoming 1.73 update.


The design concept of the Farman F.220 bomber dates back to 1925, when the pusher-pull configuration, that would be used on the aircraft, was proven for the first time on the F.211 as a working concept. Several years later, in the early 1930s, the first prototype of the F.220 took to the skies on 26 May 1932. Following the successful testing, Farman made several improvements to the design, whilst selling off the design of the first prototype to a French civilian airline company. The resulting F.221 received several changes compared to the initial prototype, such as improved tail fins, enclosed gunner positions and different engines. The successful maiden flight of the F.221 was followed by a manufacturing order of ten machines for the French Air Force, all of which were delivered by 1936. Further improvements eventually led to the F.222, which at its core, was just an F.221 with a retractable undercarriage and improved engines which entered service the French Air Force in 1937. This version would be considered the definitive production version of the aircraft’s series, with a total of over 30 aircraft produced, across multiple versions.

At the outbreak of WW2, the F.222 bombers were hopelessly outdated and used only sparingly for occasional night bombing raids throughout May - June 1940. After the Fall of France, aircraft of the series would continue to be used as transport aircraft for a short period of time, before they were ultimately decommissioned from active service.

In War Thunder, the Farman F.222.2 bomber will be the first aircraft of its kind to be represented in the newly formed French aviation research tree and game in general. Sure enough, four engined heavy bombers, pusher-pull machines and high-winged aircraft were all present in the game far before the introduction of the F.222.2, but never combined into one single package - that’s what the F.222.2 is! However, don’t be fooled by the aircraft’s archaic looks. Despite being powered by four engines, the F.222.2’s top speed just exceeds 300 km/h in level flight, however, it’s absolutely monstrous bomb bay size allow the aircraft to carry up to 2.2 tonnes of ordnance. Pilots of this machine will have the choice of equipping the aircraft with several different bomb calibers, ranging from 50 to 500 kg.

For self-defence, the F.222.2 also has three turrets, each equipped with a single 7.5mm machine gun. The ventral turret can be retracted during landing procedures to prevent a collision between the ground and turret. The Farman F.222.2 will be among the first aircraft available for pilots to research in rank I of the new French aviation tree.

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Meet the extraordinary Farman F.222.2 heavy French four engined bomber in War Thunder’s upcoming 1.73 update. Until then, keep an eye on our news to find out what’s else in store for the next major update to War Thunder! Clear prop!

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