War Thunder background
War Thunder: Steel Generals Launch Event

We invited several popular YouTube authors to ride on real US tanks and compare the feelings to virtual US tanks in War Thunder.
The event took place in Museum of American G.I. in Texas – the same place where we recorded engine and gun sounds for some US vehicles in our game. 

  • 25 December 2014
Developers Answers: Part 2

Pilots and Tankers, the War Thunder team continues to answer your questions in the "Developers Answers" series of videos.

  • 22 August 2014
Developers Answers: Part 1

The new, regular feature “Developers Answers” will assist War Thunder players by providing them with answers to numerous questions from the forum and social networking sites, in relation to game mechanics and future development projects.

  • 9 August 2014
Partner system Revenue Share

Gaijin Entertainment has announced the Revenue Share program to support user created content created using the War Thunder CDK. Players receive an opportunity to earn real money while contributing to the game content - if vehicles, missions, locations or skins are implemented in War Thunder.

  • 7 August 2014
Updated tank maps “Kuban” and “Jungle”

Recent War Thunder update brings significant changes to locations “Kuban” and “Jungle”. Learn new features from the short video below.

  • 19 June 2014