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War Thunder Update 1.29 is here!
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Brand-new War Thunder update to version 1.29 brings a whole bunch of new features, improvement and fixes. Some of them are:

  • New aircrafts for every nation, including legendary US B-25, Japanese heavies G5N and G8N, new Soviet Tu-2’s, powerful German Do-217 and new Meteor Mk. 8 for British pilots
  • New interface for login screen, hangar, player’s profile and other windows
  • New economy model
  • New features, including custom ammo belts for different tasks
  • Significantly improved damage model
  • Numerous fixes and improvements

Check the full list of the Update 1.29 notes and discuss the update on War Thunder forums. Also check the video preview of the Update 1.29 and see you soon in the War Thunder skies!



War Thunder team
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