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10 October 2014

The War Thunder Air Racing Weekend

1280x1024 | 1920x1080

From 06.00 GMT on October 11th to 06.00 GMT on October 13th take part in the race

Players that earn the most  in Race Mode will receive:

I. Place: 3.000  II. Place: 2.000 III. Place: 1.000 

Additionally, the first 100 pilots will get "Top Racer" title!

Participating aircraft:

On Arcade difficulty  - all Rank IV aircraft

On Realistic difficulty - all Rank III aircraft

“Race mode” is available in the “events” tab in top right corner of the hangar. A Place in the race leaderboard is determined by the amount of silver lions earned. The rewards are given to all the participants depending on their final position after the race ends. Play more, win often to be one of the top 100 in the final leaderboard and get the unique title "Top Racer"



"Leaderboard" will be reset at 06:00 GMT on October 11!


This weekend we celebrate the launch of our new Race Mode for aircraft! We invite you to experience speed on a whole new level and to demonstrate your pilot skills in a three dimensional air race on our new location 'Tropical Island'. Introduced with War Thunder Update 1.43, the location features a winding air racetrack that will soon determine who has the best flying abilities. 

Feel the excitement of racing and experience in practice the laws of physics, proving to your opponents that you can surprise them with quick responses and crazy maneuvers not only in combat, but also in this high-speed contest while flying through cascades of unexpected turns and hazards. Making it successfully through the track requires both vigilance and attention to maintain the most efficient flight path, as you don't want to lose a single second due to mistakes.

Fasten your seatbelts, Pilots, as the race will start soon!

The War Thunder Team


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